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Gifts That Start with C (Part.3)

Gifts That Start with C Do you know what they are? Here is some information about Gifts That Start with C for your reference!

Cocktail recipe book

You may consider giving a Cocktail recipe book as a gift! Let me tell you the reasons for sending a Cocktail recipe book!

In recent years, cocktails have become very popular, colorful and beautiful, and drinking cocktails has become a very common phenomenon.

Cocktail is a mixed drink, which is a mixture of two or more wines or beverages, juices, and sodas. It has various flavors and unique texture. It not only has appreciation value, but also has certain nutritional value. There are many benefits to drinking cocktails

gifts that start with c

First, cocktails can improve the body’s blood circulation and help prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Moreover, the cocktail has a certain alcohol concentration and is obviously irritating. Cocktails can excite the drinker, and the appropriate alcohol concentration can soothe the drinker’s tense nerves and relax their muscles.

Second, cocktails can increase people’s appetite. After drinking, the drinker’s taste should be improved due to the effects of trace amounts of flavored drinks such as sour and bitter drinks contained in the cocktail.

Third, it is not easy to get drunk after drinking cocktails. Although cocktails are mixed drinks, their alcohol concentration is very low and can be made according to everyone’s preferences. Drinking a small amount will generally not make you drunk.

If you give your friend a Cocktail recipe book, he will not only learn cocktail-related knowledge, he can also feel the unique value brought by cocktails, which will also benefit his health.


Ceramic figurine

There are many reasons to give Ceramic figurine to your friends! Let me tell you some advantages of Ceramic figurine!

There are many reasons to give Ceramic figurine to your friends!

Ceramic sculpture is a type of ceramic decoration. It has a long history, dating back to the Qin and Han dynasties, and flourished in the Ming and Qing dynasties such as the Dehua kiln, Shiwan kiln and Jingdezhen kiln.

gifts that start with the letter c

Generally refers to independent three-dimensional ceramic sculpture products, which require molding, inlaying, manual engraving, kneading, stacking, carving and other shaping processes, and are fired at high temperatures. According to the production method, it can be divided into several types such as round carving, relief carving, openwork carving, and pinch carving.

As we all know, ceramic sculpture is a three-dimensional shape, but it is not a “pure” three-dimensional shape. The form is the basis for constructing the image of ceramic sculpture, but what constitutes the image of the sculpture is not a simple form.

Ceramic sculptures not only have the commonality of general sculpture language, but also have obviously unique characteristics. Ceramic sculpture is different from other forms of sculpture in a very special aspect. First of all, the sculptural image created with ceramic materials and production technology contains a unique and highly distinctive material aesthetic effect.

The ceramic sculpture image formed by combining ceramic blanks of different textures with various glazes gives it a naturally occurring body surface with various colors, spots, textures and patterns, and sparkling brilliance.

Due to the unique language characteristics and constituent elements of ceramic sculpture, it determines the artistic temperament it should have. As a special material, ceramics itself has the blood of nobility flowing through it. For example, Jingdezhen’s famous high-temperature colored glaze is applied to sculptures, which is like putting a beautiful coat on the sculptures.


Ceramic plant pot

When maintaining potted plants indoors, when choosing suitable flower pots, you must not only choose beautiful ones. They are not only for viewing, but also to make the roots of the plants grow better. Using suitable flower pots will make the plants grow healthier. The viewing quality will also be better.

The advantage of ceramic basins is that they are more decorative, look more elegant, and come in various sizes, colors, and shapes.

gifts that start with the letter c for adults

Ceramic pots are more durable than flower pots made of other materials and are not easy to break. They can generally be used for decades without problems. The soil in ceramic flower pots dries slower, which is suitable for plants that like the soil to be constantly moist.


Ceramic jewelry dish

This is an item that will be in your home for years, you will probably see it every day, and even others in your home will see it, and you don’t want your jewelry box to dazzle or embarrass you. Jewelry boxes come in many different designs, and you can choose whatever you like from very trendy modern designs to more sophisticated classic designs.

christmas gifts that start with c

Jewelry boxes come in many different shapes and sizes to suit the requirements of almost any type of jewelry collection. Whether you have just a few treasures or a huge treasure, there is an option for you. If you have a small collection now but you plan to add to it in the near future, then it is better to choose a larger jewelry box. After all, a high-quality ceramic jewelry dish should last for years, which will save you from constantly upgrading jewelry boxes. time and cost.


Ceramic serving platter

The biggest advantage of ceramic tableware is that its surface is smooth and rich in texture. If you tap it gently with your hand, you will hear a crisp and pleasant sound, which is often a sign of good tableware. This type of tableware is particularly easy to clean. If your meals are not very greasy, you can wash them clean without using a dish towel, which will also ensure your health. The chemical properties of ceramic tableware are very stable, and they are acid and alkali resistant, corrosion resistant, and have poor thermal conductivity. Not only will their hands not be hot when dining, but the food will not cool down quickly.

christmas gifts that start with c

Many families have the habit of storing food. In fact, it is best to use ceramic tableware to store food, because the ceramic surface has very few pores and has extremely low water absorption. Put the food in the porcelain and then seal the mouth, and the food can be preserved For a long time, because porcelain can prevent moisture from evaporating and can also block the entry of external bacteria, it can be said to create a clean environment for food.


Ceramic teapot

Ceramic teapots have good thermal insulation properties and low thermal conductivity. Ceramic teapot can better maintain the temperature of the tea soup when making tea, and the heat conduction speed is slow, which is conducive to the full release of the aroma and taste of the tea leaves. In addition, ceramic teapots also have better air permeability, which can help tea leaves better contact with air, increase oxidation reaction, and improve the taste of tea soup. Secondly, if you choose a ceramic teapot suitable for brewing Pu’er tea, you can also increase the taste of the tea soup.

gifts that start with c for adults

The above is the information about Gifts That Start with C, I hope it will be helpful to you!

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