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Gifts That Start with M (Part.1)

Mickey Mouse Mini Waffle Maker

For your best friend who loves cooking and Mickey Mouse!

A waffle maker is an essential kitchen tool for making waffles at home. It can also make sandwiches, donuts and other delicacies by changing the baking tray. Because the waffle maker is especially suitable for making quick breakfast, it is very suitable for office workers who have no time to make a surprise breakfast.

Waffle makers can be roughly divided into two types: plug-in type and open flame type.

When using a plug-in waffle maker, you only need to turn on the power and pour in the batter to make waffles easily. Since no open flame is used, the safety factor is high. But since it requires preheating, it will take about 10 minutes to bake.

gifts that start with m

The plug-in waffle maker can be used to make sandwiches, taiyaki Q and other delicacies by replacing the baking tray, and can be used in various ways. The baking pan can be replaced, and the baking pan can be removed from the main body of the machine and cleaned. Therefore, from the perspective of maintenance, the waffle maker Q with replaceable baking trays is more worthy of recommendation. In terms of baking pan material, products designed with non-stick coating are more recommended. Not only is it not easy to burn during production, but it is also very easy to clean.

Some Mickey Mouse Mini Waffle Makers can make Mickey Mouse’s full body image, while others only have his classic two-eared head shape. Each one is very cute, you can choose for yourself~


Mug Set

A mug is a cup with a large handle. Its body is generally cylindrical and has a handle on one side.

There are many kinds of materials, including ceramic, glazed porcelain, glass, and stainless steel. So as long as the cup looks the same, you can call it a mug. No matter what material it is made of!

Many people buy mugs, firstly because of convenience, and secondly because they come in a variety of styles and patterns, and can even be customized, making them particularly suitable as gifts for friends.

gifts that start with the letter m


Mandala Coloring Book

The big and small owl Q born on the shoulder of the west wind, the lazy and comfortable cat on the carpet, the tirelessly rotating clock on the field, the regular raindrops with fine stamens by the window, the beautiful floating hot air balloon with feathers, hanging on the tree in the distance The long fire waiting for you, the whale floating and swimming in the dark sea, the dream catcher catching the wind from all directions Q.

All of this depicts beautiful, quiet, and silk-length dreams for readers. Let you escape the chaos of reality, release all the stress in life, and stimulate all creativity during the coloring process.

Want the person receiving your gift to be able to reduce stress and enjoy life more relaxedly? This Mandala Coloring Book would be a great choice for you!

gifts that start with an m


Mosaic Picture Frame

In daily life, it is a pity to throw away credit cards that are no longer used. From the perspective of environmental protection, we can make good use of them and make a simple and beautiful mosaic style photo frame.

Prepare tools and materials: discarded credit cards (about 10), simple wooden frame, scissors, adhesive, acrylic paint, small brush.

  1. Collect discarded credit cards in various colors.
  2. Use a brush to apply acrylic paint evenly on the wooden frame and let it dry completely.
  3. Cut the credit card into any size.
  4. For the cut credit card, you can choose either the front or the back, and create an inlaid design at will. To give it a mosaic effect, leave a slight gap between each card.
  5. After the design is completed, use adhesive to firmly stick it to the surface of the frame.

christmas gifts that start with m

Tips for making: Photo frames made with credit cards are unique and very low-cost. The fashion sense brought by the mosaic style makes people like it very much at first sight. If time permits, you can also splice some small patterns according to your own preferences to make the photo frame dynamic.

What’s more exciting than a handmade gift? A special homemade gifts that start with m idea for you!


Muffin Pan

Another kitchenware gift! Baking, like cooking, is enjoyed by many people. Who doesn’t love sweets? One delicious treat you can bake is muffins. To do this, you need the best muffin pan so that it holds the perfect shape and rises fully.

If you think waffle pans are just for making waffles, you’re in for a surprise. This is a very versatile tool that you can use for most cooking needs. Use them to toast buns, cupcakes, or even sandwiches.

funny gifts that start with m


Monogrammed Towers

Especially suitable for parents, families, and couples. Gifts that start with m: Monogrammed Towels!

Matching letter towels not only allow you to distinguish your daily necessities and isolate unhygienic habits, but also reflect a unique sense of intimacy. Suitable for couples who want to take their relationship to the next level!

You can also embroider your names yourself, design a pattern that is unique to you, or just your initials. This is also a unique handmade gift.

gifts that begin with the letter m


Mood Lamp

According to an article by Stephen Westland, professor of color science and technology at the University of Leeds, he claims that when humans are exposed to colored lights, they respond physiologically and psychologically depending on the color.

This concept is not new and has been widely practiced under the name Chromotherapy, and the devices used for this are called mood lights.

gifts that begin with m

Each color has a different impact on the mind and body. I’ve listed the effects for each color in the table below.

Red – provides more energy, promotes sexual desire – kidneys, backbone, sense of smell

Yellow – improves digestion, eliminates depression – stomach, liver, intestines

Blue – lowers blood pressure, calms down – migraines, throat, ears and mouth

Green – stimulates growth and strengthens muscle-bone, tissue, immune system

Purple – sleep inducer, emotional and mental balance, reduced libido – nervous system, eyes

Orange – Inspire creativity – Breathe

Pink – purifies blood – blood, arteries, veins

gifts that start with m for adults

If you want to send a special gift that starts with m, special enough to directly arouse the other person’s emotions, then Mood Lamp may be the gift idea you are looking for!



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