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Gifts That Start with N (Part.1)

Welcome to our collection of alphabet gifts! The theme of this issue of letter gifts is gifts that start with n. Do you want to know some gift ideas that start with the letter n? Come and take a look!

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch is very suitable for light gamers. Whether it is local cooperative Mario Odyssey or Carriage, it is very attractive to new players. Games with a high degree of freedom like Zelda are also very suitable for cultivating relationships, such as Animal Crossing. Not to mention the cute games of slow life.

If you each have a Nintendo Switch, you can also play cooperative games in different places, making it twice as fun. I have always thought that Switch is a game console that is very suitable for developing close relationships between people, so it is very suitable for giving as a gift.

gifts that start with the letter n


Noise-canceling headphones

Noise-canceling headphones are almost a necessity for many people. They have very high requirements for the quality of music. They hope that the process of listening to music will be a kind of enjoyment and they hope to avoid the influence of other noises. So, let’s take a look at some of the things you need to know before buying noise-canceling headphones!

gifts that start with the letter n

Pay attention to the distinction between “call noise reduction” and “active noise reduction” of noise-cancelling headphones:

The so-called noise reduction of noise-cancelling headphones is generally a keyword coined by merchants, mostly to attract traffic, but “noise-cancelling headphones” are not what they are called at all: noise-cancelling headphones. True noise-cancelling headphones refer to active noise-cancelling headphones.


Active noise reduction technology

Active noise-cancelling headphones generally have one or more micro-microphones and an acoustic processor built-in. When processing noise, they perform noise cancellation based on the principle of “destructive interference”. Noise-cancelling headphones from ordinary manufacturers can eliminate low-frequency 1 kHz noise. , and major noise-cancelling headphone manufacturers such as SONY and BOSE can achieve active noise cancellation of 3kHz frequency noise through Digital Noise Canceling circuit technology (this is what everyone calls the feeling of “the whole world is quiet”).

Passive noise reduction technology

Physical sound-absorbing materials are used to block external noise from entering (similar to the principle of earplugs). In addition to headphones with active noise reduction technology, they are all passive noise-cancelling headphones.

christmas gifts that start with n


Will the noise reduction of noise-canceling headphones reduce the sound quality?

No, the sound quality of noise-canceling headphones has nothing to do with the noise-cancelling function of the headphones.


What are the high, medium and low frequency noise reduction and “comprehensive noise reduction level” of noise reduction headphones?

The noise reduction data of noise reduction headphones consists of three parts: Bass (low frequency), Mid (mid frequency) and Treble (high frequency). We are mainly concerned about the overall attenuation (comprehensive noise reduction level), which is the three data of high, medium and low average of.

gifts that start with an n

Low-frequency noise reduction: Can eliminate: engine sounds of buses, airplanes, high-speed trains, etc.;

Mid-frequency noise reduction: Can eliminate: the sound of people talking;

High-frequency noise reduction: Can eliminate: the harsh sound of high-speed rail and track friction, the screams of adults and children, etc.;



A woman must have a few pieces of jewelry of her own in her life. It can make you happy, unique, beautiful, noble and elegant. Usually this is not just a matter of preference, but also an investment in yourself.

For boys, they know that 365 days a year, their girlfriends wish they could celebrate Valentine’s Day every day, and lipstick, bags, jewelry, the three eternal gift-giving swordsmen, there is no reason to have too many.

When the festival comes, you still need to have some sense of ceremony. Buying a necklace as a gift and keeping a memory is actually enough.

gift ideas that start with n


Mainstream necklace sizes

There are three mainstream necklace sizes: 16 inches, 18 inches, and 24 inches.

16 inches (40cm): Commonly known as the clavicle chain, the basic position is at the clavicle, suitable for slender necks.

Overall it is more delicate, gentle and suitable for daily wear.

18 inches (45cm): Commonly known as the princess chain, it hangs on the collarbone. It is the most common length. It is suitable for slender necks and can well modify the face shape.

If you are not sure what length is suitable for you, then choosing a princess necklace is usually a good choice.

gifts that start with an n


Choose based on face shape

Pointy face shape: You can choose short necklaces or collarbone necklaces.

Round face: You can wear longer necklaces, such as martini-type necklaces, and pendant-type necklaces.

Oval face: Versatile face shape, various styles can match well.

Square face: Medium to long necklaces are suitable, which can make the face look slimmer.

The overall principle is actually whatever you like or your girlfriend likes, there is no absolute standard! ! !


Nail polish set

Nail Polish or Nail Lacquer. Nail polish is like a coat for nails. The difference is that clothing appears to cover the body, while nail polish is born for beauty. With the evolution of nail polish and people’s requirements for healthy living, today’s nail polish can play the dual role of beautifying and protecting nails.

Goldilocks bloom more vividly, and beauties are dyed with elixir on their fingers. Beauties in ancient times knew the secret of “painting and powdering” their nails. As a contemporary fashion beauty, an exquisite manicure can be the icing on the cake for your delicate hands. From ivory white to aurora green, from champagne gold to jade powder, whether elegant or flamboyant, there is always one that suits you!


How to choose nail polish?

When we choose nail polish, we must pay attention to the aesthetics and consider whether the product will cause damage to the nails.

In order to make our nails shine and prevent them from being “lost”, when purchasing nail polish, we can consider the following aspects: ingredients, suitable people, type, efficacy, brush, etc.

gifts that begin with the letter n


Nail Polish Ingredients

The ingredients of nail polish are generally composed of solid pigments, glitter substances, etc., and liquid solvent components. What is not well known is that solvent ingredients often contain toxic or harmful substances. Among them, the most harmful ones are phthalates, which can interfere with people’s normal hormonal balance, followed by benzene and formaldehyde, which are carcinogens.

But don’t worry, we can choose safer 3-Free/5-Free/7-Free healthy nail polish.

3-Free: It does not contain three serious harmful substances: “phthalates”, “formaldehyde” and “toluene”;

5-Free: Does not contain the above three types and “formaldehyde resin” and “camphor”

7-Free: Does not contain the above five types and “parabens” and “xylene”

gifts beginning with n


Nail polish effect

Different types of nail polish will show different effects. You can choose nail polish with different effects according to the occasion and mood.

Glossy nail polish: General nail polish, which will have a slight reflective effect.

Clear Nail Polish: Like jelly, it gives your nails a clear shine.

Pearlescent nail polish: Just like pearls at night, under specific light, it will show a soft pearlescent feeling.

Glare nail polish: It will form different colors under different brilliance, like a colorful lamp ball with a changeable charm.

Matte Nail Polish: Gives a matte effect like a frosted window.

Glitter nail polish: A type of nail polish with added glitter or glitter.

gift ideas that start with n

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