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Gifts That Start with Q (Part.1)


As a large product “quilt” used for sleeping, is it because of the size, weight or poor filling selection of the quilt that causes poor sleep? Or when buying quilts online, you just look at the ones with the highest purchase rate, covet the lowest prices, and buy some inferior quilts in a confused way? Not only are the products of poor quality, but many of them are fake. You spend one-third of your life with them. Choosing a good, high-quality quilt is crucial to your sleep. Do you know how to choose and buy?

gifts that start with q


What types of quilts are there?

At present, quilts mainly include chemical fiber quilts (fiber quilts), cotton quilts, wool quilts, camel down quilts, down quilts, silk quilts and other new synthetic materials. Here are five common quilts on the market.


How to choose a quilt:

  1. Look at the fabric

The fabrics are basically made of chemical fiber and cotton. Other silk, Tencel and new materials also have a certain market share. Choose the appropriate fabric based on the filling material. As mentioned above, polyester fiber is best used only in summer because Chemical fiber fabrics such as polyester fiber are very easy to generate static electricity during daily use. In autumn and winter, when the weather is dry and you change into a thick quilt and lie on the bed, there will often be a crackling sound of static electricity. The material least likely to generate static electricity is cotton. The fibers of cotton fabric are softer, warmer to the touch, and have good hygroscopicity so they will not generate static electricity.

gifts that start with q


  1. Look at the filling

Different fillings have different sensory effects. Chemical fiber quilts, blankets, and Tencel quilts are artificial synthetic fibers, cotton quilts are natural plant fibers, and down quilts and silk quilts are animal fibers.

In terms of specific use,

Comfort: Animal fiber>Man-made fiber>Plant fiber

Price: Animal fiber>Man-made fiber>Plant fiber

gifts that start with letter q


  1. Choose size

The size is basically determined according to the size of your bed. For double beds such as 1.8 meters and 1.5 meters, it is recommended to use 200×230 or 220×240 quilts.

For single beds that are 1.2 meters or less (including children’s beds, basically considered to be the first grade of primary school), choose 180×220 or 150×200.

The crib is basically a 120×150 quilt.

If you buy a quilt cover or set, you should check whether the quilt cover you buy matches the size of the quilt. If you need other sizes, you can consult the store directly. No one knows what size quilt is needed for which bed better than the quilt seller.

gifts that start with letter q

Warm and cozy gifts that start with q: Quilt! If you also want to help your friend who has poor sleep and show your care, why not choose a quilt for him/her that is more comfortable and helps him sleep better.


Quirky Socks

There are no pure cotton socks. Generally speaking, socks with a cotton content of more than 70% can be called pure cotton socks. Socks with 100% cotton content usually have a note (except for elastic fibers). There are no pure cotton socks that won’t pill. Because cotton has the characteristic of having a lot of fiber, pilling will occur to some extent. This is also related to the shoes you wear and the person’s walking habits.

Gold is never pure, socks are never perfect, and there is no absolute perfection. Everyone says that good socks do not exist, and all things are the same. What suits you is the best. I wish you all can choose high-quality and affordable socks that suit you.

gifts that start with the letter q

A lot of sock collectors like some weird socks, sock collectors, of course, there are a lot of people who are sock collectors these days. Collecting beautiful and fun socks is like collecting stamps. It is a very popular hobby nowadays.

Nowadays, there are also a lot of weird socks, special-shaped socks, split-toe socks, two different socks, socks with weird patterns (such as the famous chicken leg socks in the past few years) and so on.

If you want to give something as a gift, my suggestion is to visit more strange shops, so that you can always come across a pair of socks that are strange or cute enough to impress the recipient.

gifts that start with the letter q


Quilted throw blanket

In addition to 4 cow sets, quilts, etc., silk bed supplies, quilts (or blankets). There is something that is powerful and very practical that everyone will overlook, and that is quilting. What is a quilt? To put it simply, it is a thin quilt made of two layers of cloth sandwiched between a layer of thin cotton and fixed by quilting threads of different patterns. A bit like a blanket. This thing is popular among foreigners, especially in European and American countries. Pictures help everyone understand better

Some people may think that it is neither thin nor thick, and do not know how to use it. It is too cold to cover in winter and too hot to cover in summer.

gifts that begin with q

Well, first of all, it has a powerful concealing function. No matter how messy your bed is, a quilted throw blanket can cover all your pajamas and quilts, making your messy bedroom instantly tidy and elegant.

After getting up every day, lay the quilt on. If you have pajamas or other items, you can also lay them flat on the quilt, and finally cover it with a beautiful quilted quilt to instantly add points to your bedroom. Everything is as simple as that.

In addition to its powerful bedroom beautification function, the quilted quilt is very warm when sleeping on the quilt in winter. In the summer, it is an air-conditioned quilt in an air-conditioned room. The quilted quilt can also be used to remove dust and stains when covered with a quilt. You don’t have to worry about someone doing it directly on the bed, or a pet licking the fur or something.

If it is dirty, put it directly into the washing machine and clean it first. Most quilted quilts can be machine washed. Because of the special quilting technology, quilted quilts are very durable and the softer they are, the softer they are.

A good quilted quilt can be used for many years. I had a quilted quilt for 8 years. In the end, I gave it up because the pattern was tired. Even so, before throwing it away completely, I cut it into small pieces and made a few non-functional cushions. It was really the best use of everything.

gifts that begin with q


How to choose quilted throw blanket?

Finally, some experience of purchasing quilted quilts:

Material: It is recommended to use cotton, which is more comfortable, has good texture and has no static electricity. Chemical fiber ones are not soft enough, and silk ones are too expensive.

Size: It is recommended that the size of the quilted quilt should be larger than the bed, and the edges can hang down, so the effect will be better.

Color: It is recommended to choose plain or light colors, which are easier to match. Personally, I think neutral plain colors are more in vain.

gifts that start with letter q


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