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Gifts That Start with R (Part.1)

We finally arrived at gifts that start with r! The series of alphabet gifts is really endless!

Retro-style record player

Vinyl record players, although relatively niche, are still quite practical items. If you don’t know what gift to give to your boyfriend on his birthday, you can take a look at these items. It is also very suitable as a birthday gift for your husband or as a housewarming gift for friends.

Putting it on the table adds a sense of ceremony, adding a retro style to the whole room. And it can bring a good visual experience, and it is also a minimalist aesthetic, niche and high-end style.

gifts that start with r


Rattan furniture

Some of today’s rattan furniture have various shapes and are combined with different materials. They are still different from the traditional rattan furniture in the past, and they are more beautiful and durable!

Rattan furniture has become a popular element again, which is inseparable from the characteristics of rattan as a material and the advantages of rattan furniture itself.

Rattan is a good natural material. Rattan furniture is made of natural rattan, which is the most famous and best in Indonesia. Rattan grows under sufficient sunshine and rain all year round. It is plump and well-proportioned, strong and durable, and has strong toughness.

Furniture made of this material has relatively slow thermal conductivity, so it is very breathable in summer and will not feel too cold when sitting in winter.

It is lighter than leather and fabric furniture, is wear-resistant, stain-resistant and moth-proof. Good rattan furniture will not break down for decades and can last forever, becoming a piece of antique furniture with a unique flavor.

gifts that start with the letter r


The wonderful uses of rattan furniture

In addition, compared to modern furniture with heavy bases, rattan furniture makes small apartments with small room areas look light and tidy.

Rattan sofas are also an ideal alternative to bulky sofas at home. The rattan frame brings freshness and leisure to the room decoration.

The same goes for the bed in the bedroom. The rattan bed occupies a smaller area, which makes every girl who likes a romantic atmosphere shine.

Many cribs are also made of rattan, a natural material that makes the cradle sturdy and lightweight and easy to move around the room. When the child grows up, it can also be used as a laundry basket or storage basket for repeated use. Moreover, rattan furniture is cheap, flexible in matching, and can be well integrated with other modern furniture decorations.

gifts that start with the letter r


Rattan furniture styles

Rattan weaving technology is suitable for both traditional furniture and modern home styles.

The use of natural materials and exquisite weaving techniques easily bring texture and richness to the room. No matter what style of home, it will match well.

Furniture made from rattan, which grows in Southeast Asia, naturally has the exotic flavor of Southeast Asia. Natural wood, rattan, and bamboo materials have become the first choice for tropical style decoration.

In modern style, rattan furniture is often designed in a square shape, or a steel tube frame is combined with a rattan chair surface and back, which looks calm and simple.

If you like the bohemian style of folk crafts and romantic atmosphere, you can’t miss rattan furniture. The brightly colored decorations and the natural and simple rattan materials are a perfect match. Even the simple Nordic style will have a lazy and comfortable style as long as rattan furniture is added.

gifts that start with an r


Rattan furniture matching

If you happen to have such an “ancestral” rattan furniture at home, don’t throw it away because you think it’s old. With a little matching, you can add a touch of retro charm to your home.



The color of rattan furniture, which has a fresh and natural atmosphere, is a warm yellow like the color of logs. Mixing it with a large area of white is the safest and most worry-free smart way.

Warm-colored rattan furniture is a good balance between light and cold colors, and the unique texture of Fujiwara is highlighted, easily creating a warm and comfortable atmosphere.

If you are worried that white or beige walls are too deserted, you can decorate them with some hanging paintings to create an atmosphere. Or choosing a less monotonous wallpaper is also a good way to neutralize it.

The beige sofa and the rattan chair belong to the same color system. The combination of low saturation colors and the dark coffee table make it quiet and elegant.

Gray tones are also suitable, but you need to pay attention to the proportion of matching. Adding a little bit of white can avoid a dull feeling.

gifts that start with letter r


Rattan + bold dark colors

Because natural materials like rattan are warm neutrals, they can balance out any bold color scheme.

Whether it is the Southeast Asian style with thick colors or the Bohemian style with complicated patterns, rattan furniture can make all the floating colors unified and harmonious.

Wall colors such as dark blue, dark green, and earthy yellow, which seem difficult to match, are just right with rattan furniture.

gifts that start with letter r


Pair with cotton and linen fabrics and carpets

After talking about the color, let’s talk about the materials that can be matched. Put a warm cotton and linen fabric pillow on the rattan chair to double the comfort. The smooth texture of rattan furniture collides with the rough cotton and linen carpets, making the mood calm and peaceful.

If you want something exotic, pair it with a patterned Persian-style rug, and the bohemian style will come out in an instant.

gifts that start with letter r


With fur elements

Many foreign home furnishing pictures will casually put a piece of fur on the rattan furniture to add a more rough and wild atmosphere.

Or match it with a leather carpet, which is also very effective.

christmas gifts that start with r


Green plants are best

Rattan furniture and green plants are soul mates. The vitality of green plants allows the rattan furniture placed at home to breathe freely.

In fact, in addition to rattan, rattan furniture can also be made of bamboo (bamboo strips), wicker, reeds, etc. There is no sense of incompatibility when paired with green plants.

If the floor height of your home is high enough, add some large green plants. This kind of home will make people not want to leave for a second.

christmas gifts that start with r


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