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Gifts That Start with P (Part.2)

Welcome everyone to our second episode of Gifts That Start with P!

Piano Keyboard

If you are giving a gift to a music lover, a piano keyboard is undoubtedly the best choice. Here are some tips for choosing a piano keyboard:

First: the key surface is flat and the color is consistent. Some pianos have uneven key surfaces when they are new, so this kind of piano can be abandoned directly, because the keyboard of the piano is made of wood and will change later. The most important thing is that unevenness not only affects the appearance, but more importantly, affects the playing.

Second: The keys are pressed in the same depth and there is no noise when playing. The national standard for the depth of the lower keys of piano white keys is between 9.5MM and 11.5MM. On the same piano, the deviation is not more than 1.0mm, and the deviation of two adjacent keys is not more than 0.5mm.

Third: Material is very important. Piano keys are composed of black and white keys. At present, the white keys are usually solid wood and then covered with plastic skin. The black keys are solid wood with plastic or ebony. Relatively speaking, solid wood keyboards are better than multi-layer solid wood keyboards.

gifts that start with p


Portable Hammock

Portable hammocks have become an important piece of equipment for outdoor sports. If you want to give your friends who love outdoor sports gifts that start with p, a portable hammock is a very suitable choice. Consider the following factors when choosing a portable hammock:

Dimensions: Most single hammocks are within 4-5 feet in width. Buying a single-width garment saves twice as much weight (a good thing for backpackers) because it provides a less roomy lounging or sleeping experience. The weight limit for a single person is 300 to 400 kilograms, and the ultra-light capacity is close to 250 kilograms.

End use: For backpacks, weight is the main consideration; durability is paramount for camping and layover time.

gifts that start with p


Polaroid Camera

Polaroid is a famous Polaroid brand. The so-called Polaroid is an instant imaging camera. It is a camera that can image photos instantly and quickly after taking them. It can automatically spit out photos from the body within a few seconds after pressing the shutter button. , and completes development within minutes. If your friend loves photography, a Polaroid camera is a great gift that start with p.

Polaroid impossible I-1:TIP was a camera launched before it was renamed Polaroid Original. We hired the teenage engineering team to design and make the greatest possible appearance improvement in a non-folding Polaroid camera. One side is conceptual, the other is retro, and the shape is very similar to an old-style telephone.

gifts that start with the letter p


Pet Portrait

Pet portraits are photography focused on capturing beautiful, high-quality images of pets. You can complete these meaningful gifts with your friends that start with p. Here are some tips to help capture stunning photos of your beloved pets.

For pets:

Make sure your pet is well fed and exercised before shooting.

Give your pet a bath or grooming beforehand to keep them looking their best.

Bring their favorite toy or snack to help them stay focused and happy during the photo session.

Make sure you have something available such as: a leash and collar to keep your pet safe and secure during the shoot, water and a bowl to ensure your pet stays hydrated and comfortable during the shoot.

gifts that start with a p

For pet owners:

Wear comfortable clothing that complements your pet’s color and won’t clash with the background.

Be prepared to help pose your pet and capture their attention during the photo session.

Relax and have fun! The more relaxed and comfortable the pet owner is, the better the photos will turn out.


Portable Espresso Maker

Choose a portable coffee machine based on your taste preference:

Italian portable coffee machine:Italian coffee pays attention to a strong emulsified oil taste, so manufacturers have specifically produced Italian portable coffee machines with a rich taste. Italian portable coffee machines generally adopt a semi-automatic piston design and manually press the pressure device to squeeze boiling water into a specially designed coffee filter for extraction. The coffee powder or coffee capsules in the filter device are mixed with boiling water under changing pressure, thereby pressing a cup of fragrant coffee.

American portable coffee machine:

The American-style portable coffee machine is a coffee machine specially made according to the taste of American-style black coffee. Its appearance and design are similar to those of Italian-style coffee machines. It is specially designed for people who have a lighter taste in coffee. Its functions and taste are also better than those of Italian-style coffee. single. Suitable for lazy people who prefer the flavor of fragrant black coffee.

gifts that start with p for adults

Choose a portable coffee machine based on volume and material:

Overall size:he side pockets of travel bags can hold a water bottle with a diameter of 9-12 centimeters, and the most comfortable size for people is generally no more than 8 centimeters in diameter, and the optimal size is controlled below 8 centimeters.

Water cup capacity:It is recommended that if one person drinks, a water glass with a capacity of several dozen milliliters is enough. And if many people go out together, it is recommended to choose one with a capacity of more than 100 ml, which has a large capacity and can better meet the coffee needs of many people.

Weight:As an essential outdoor coffee machine, it is natural to be as light as possible. Lightweight devices are ideal. In other words, coffee machines that do not weigh more than 1 kilogram should be given priority.

Appearance material:The use of high-molecular polymer materials for coffee cups and filter devices is the most reliable, and the quality is also excellent. Bumps and bumps are not a problem, and high-density polymer materials will not decompose due to heat. In terms of appearance design, the flat and sleek appearance is also easy to carry.


Personalized Jewelry

Graduation is one of the most important moments in a person’s life because it marks the end of a particular life chapter for young graduates and the beginning of a new life chapter they have chosen for themselves. Is there anyone important to you who is about to graduate? Do you want to give her/him a gift that will commemorate the special day and will be remembered for a lifetime? If you can’t decide what gift to give, consider Personalized Jewelry. Here are some jewelry types and styles to help you choose the right gift for your child or loved one:

Diamond Stud Earrings: Classic, elegant and timeless, they can be worn on every occasion throughout your life. Choosing the perfect diamond stud earrings is a safe choice and you won’t make any mistakes.

birthday gifts that start with p

Pendant Necklace: Whether set with a solitaire diamond or a solitaire gemstone, a pendant necklace adds a subtle finishing touch, easily and discreetly embellishing any outfit.

Cufflinks: a one-of-a-kind gift; a must-have accessory for anyone who wears a business suit and wants to add an extra touch of elegance.

Bracelets: A jewelry gift that is extremely versatile; whether you purchase an elegant thin bracelet or a statement bracelet, the end result is the same and the wearer will be forever happy.


Portable Telescope

In recent years, the number of telescope enthusiasts across the country and even the world has gradually increased. It is very suitable to give telescope enthusiasts a portable telescope with excellent performance and reasonable price, the Portable Telescope.

Choose binoculars or monocular?

In terms of observation effect, binoculars of the same specifications are much better than single tubes. The images are three-dimensional, with higher resolution, bright images, and more comfortable observation. However, the volume and weight of the single tubes are more than half smaller than those of binoculars of the same specifications. , it is easier to achieve high magnification with a monocular, such as a birdwatching scope.

presents that start with p

What multiple is more suitable to choose?

Generally speaking, 7-10x is enough for hand-held binoculars. Too high a magnification will cause many problems (large imaging jitter, small field of view, low brightness, etc.). If you can use a tripod, the magnification can be higher, and a monocular can be used. To 20-70 times, binoculars can achieve 20-30 times. Note that the magnification must be matched with the caliber. If you simply increase the magnification without increasing the caliber, the imaging effect will be very poor.

Which caliber is better to choose?

The larger the aperture of a telescope, the better the observation effect is. However, the more expensive it is, the larger the size and the weight. The smaller the aperture, the less effective the observation effect will be, but the telescope is small in size, light in weight, and easy to carry. Generally, you can choose binoculars with a caliber of 20-50 mm for handheld use. If you use a tripod, you can choose a caliber of 50-100 mm.


Puzzle Book

For children or friends with children at home, Puzzle Book is also a good choice. Children’s reading materials should mainly be picture books. From a physiological point of view, children’s hand-eye coordination is not fully developed, and it is difficult for their eyes to focus on small things. Therefore, when choosing books for children, picture books with large pictures and relatively few words are more suitable, while dense pinyin story books and literacy books are not suitable.

According to the child’s age and development characteristics, help the child choose books from easy to difficult. For children under 3 years old, due to their limited attention time and understanding ability, simple and easy-to-understand picture books should be chosen. The stories of these picture books should not be too complicated. The plots should be as short and simple as possible. The language should have more onomatopoeia and interjections. The structure should be repetitive. The pictures should be brightly colored and the characters should be vivid.

gifts start with p


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