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Gifts That Start with S: Sweater


After the beginning of winter, walking in the streets and alleys, you will find that more and more people are starting to put on sweaters to give themselves a little warmth and bring a beautiful scenery to the winter. As a sweater expert who loves to wear sweaters, today’s gifts that start with s, we will focus on how to buy affordable, good-looking and high-quality sweaters, and talk about how to wear sweaters more fashionably!


How to choose a sweater?

If you want to buy an affordable, good-looking and high-quality sweater, you should pay attention to the material, style, color and pattern.

In terms of material selection, cashmere and wool are very good choices, which not only make you more comfortable to wear, but also enhance your temperament.

In terms of style selection, a loose-fitting sweater can make you look more lazy and casual, while a tight-fitting sweater can better show your figure. You can choose different styles of sweaters and matching methods according to different occasions. Oversized sweaters and body-hugging styles are popular at the same time!

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In terms of color selection, sweaters in autumn and winter are generally black, white and gray, but you might as well try some bright colors to add a touch of brightness to your winter outfit.

In terms of pattern selection, solid colors, plaids, stripes, patterns, etc. are all very popular choices. If you like to give yourself a different experience, sweaters with cartoon patterns, letter patterns, and national trend element patterns are also very good. Of course, you like it! It would be great if you can identify some patterns that the recipient will love!

gifts that start with s


How to match a sweater?

Sweaters can be worn in many ways. They can be worn alone, as an inner layer, or with a jacket. As for the sweater, a garment with a very high click-through rate, girls must know how to wear it, right?

But it doesn’t necessarily mean that your dressing skills are high enough! The sweater itself is a very versatile style, so any sweater paired with a simple tight denim skirt will look very good, but today I want to tell you, in fact, there is a lot to know about how to wear a sweater.

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Don’t think that there are no minefields in versatile clothing. The style, pattern and even length of the sweater are very crucial to the outfit. In addition, the surface texture of a sweater is also particularly important. This article is short. Let me tell you how to wear a sweater? How should I choose? Enough talking, let’s talk about dressing skills!

gifts that start with an s

When wearing the sweater alone, you can choose a relatively loose version, pair it with a pair of jeans or casual pants, and then put on a pair of sneakers or short boots, and it will look great.

When using a sweater as an inner layer, you can pair it with a shirt, T-shirt or base layer underneath the sweater, which can both keep you warm and add layering to the overall outfit.

When wearing a sweater with a jacket, you can choose a slightly tighter style and match it with a long coat or down jacket, which can not only show off your figure but also protect against cold weather.


Sweater styles to avoid

This type of sweater is very common in life. It does not have the knitted feel of ordinary sweaters, but it also looks thicker than our common bottoming shirts. Logically speaking, this kind of clothing should be more popular.

But we noticed its surface texture. The fuzz on the surface is very fine, giving people a feeling of exquisite production. But please don’t think that this texture will be beneficial to the outfit. This kind of clothing will make the surface of the clothing itself look bloated. It means that we generally look fatter, especially if the light blue color is on the back, it looks even more bloated. If you don’t want to look like a bear in the winter, I suggest you avoid this style of sweater. Of course we can dress thin and warm.

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Sweaters with a more delicate surface are not available. Does that mean the texture of the wool is more obvious? The rougher the surface of a sweater, the better it will be worn?

In fact, this is not necessarily the case. As the saying goes, everything must be reversed at its extreme. Any element, if used too frequently or improperly grasped, may ruin the entire outfit. The delicate texture of a sweater will give people a bloated feeling as a whole, while a sweater with prominent wool threads will give people a bloated feeling in the details.

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Differences in sweater design

Different clothes have different styles, and of course the same clothes have differences in details. Today our protagonist is a sweater, so what kind of designs can we choose?


V-neck sweater looks slimming

There are only a few aspects to the design of a sweater, among which the design of the collar is very important.

Most of our common sweater collars are round collars. In fact, V-neck sweaters are more slimming. It is obvious to everyone that V-neck clothing makes the face look smaller. At the same time, V-neck can also bring a little sex appeal to people, like a kitten. I feel like this is also very popular with girls.

If we observe carefully, it is not difficult to find that most V-neck sweaters in life have large necklines, so this occupies the proportion of the upper body to a certain extent and elongates the proportion of the lower body, which not only makes the legs look slimmer, but also makes the legs longer. It is indeed rare for a piece of clothing to do this.

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Vertical striped sweater shows height

The difference between vertical stripes and horizontal stripes does not need to be introduced by the editor, but it seems that girls generally use these two elements for dressing effects on dresses. Are they ignored on sweaters? In fact, local vertical stripes have a great impact on a person’s height and body proportions. If the pattern of the sweater is vertical stripes, it will also make the overall figure look much slimmer.

Then some girls are confused. Since vertical stripes can lengthen the proportions, if you choose vertical stripes on your top, will your legs look shorter? In fact, it is not the case. For vertical striped sweaters, we should try to choose short ones. If it is a long vertical striped sweater, we can wear it separately, which is fashionable and elegant, so the effect will be much better.

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Choose outfits based on style

As for the last point, it goes without saying that girls all know that of course the clothes must be matched according to the style. How does it show on the sweater?

If it is an irregular sweater, we can choose long bottoms, such as a long skirt or long wide-leg pants. If it is a sweater with moderate width and length, we can simply choose denim tights. If you want to make your legs look longer, you can choose three-point tights or nine-point tights.

But one thing we need to pay attention to is that if it is a sweater that is not woven very tightly, we should try to avoid matching it with monochromatic clothing. Most of these types of sweaters have flower elements, and the gaps also form the shape of the flowers, so Floral flowers and stripes are a good choice, try to avoid collision with monochromatic bottoms. If the sweater is woven tightly and looks very warm, then we should try to choose monochromatic clothing to avoid floral clothing styles.

gifts beginning with s

We should pay attention to the big aspects of dressing, and we cannot ignore the small details, especially the sweaters we commonly use. Everyone is familiar with sweaters, but it is very difficult to wear them differently. As long as you master these few details, I believe you will be able to wear sweaters appropriately and retract them freely.

If you are confused about how to choose gifts that start with s, you might as well take a look at our gifts start with s ideas!

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