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Gifts That Start with T: Tennis Racket

If you want to know some gifts that start with t, then take a look at our gift ideas that start with the letter t for gift-giving inspiration!


There are many factors that affect a tennis racket. The more important ones are weight, rack area, racket hardness, balance point, racket frame thickness and racket handle size. These six factors are.

The beginner’s racket weighs about 280g when empty and has a rack surface of 105 square inches. It is suitable for adults who are just learning tennis, such as college students taking tennis lessons and seniors learning tennis. It is practical, relatively cheap, and very cost-effective.

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Tennis Racket Weight

Light, medium, heavy

260-280g About 300g 310-340g

In terms of the weight of the racket, it is decided according to your own body strength and force-generating skills. A light racket is suitable for golfers with relatively small strength, and a heavy racket is suitable for golfers with relatively strong strength. As a beginner, it is difficult to control the hitting point and timing, resulting in situations such as being too late when swinging. If you use a heavy shot, you may easily get injured. Racquets weighing less than 300 grams are recommended for beginners.

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Racket size

Small racquet face Medium racquet face Large racquet face Extra large racquet face

85-90 square inches 92-103 square inches 104-115 square inches 116-135 square inches

It is recommended that beginners choose 100-115 square feet. The larger the racket surface, the higher the fault tolerance rate; the smaller the racket surface, the more concentrated the hitting point, and the more precise control of the ball’s line, which is more suitable for professional players. It is still not recommended for beginners and amateur golfers to use rackets with small rackets.

Everyone must pay attention to these basic information when choosing a tennis racket for others!

gifts that start with the letter t


Racket Length

The standard racquet is 27 inches / 69 cm long. There are lengthened racquets, but not shortened ones. Extended racquets require more power.

gifts starting with the letter t


Tennis racket pounds

The poundage of tennis racket strings is determined by three major reasons: player level, playing style and string material.

The recommended weight for beginners is about 55 pounds, 53-58 pounds, and preferably not higher than 60 pounds.

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Handle size

Grip Size Marking Applicable People

No. 2 handle 4 1/4 feet for boys or girls with small hands

No. 3 handle 3 3/8 inches for boys with large hands

No. 4 handle 4 4.5 feet A boy with oversized hands, abroad

The size of the handle of a tennis racket is the size suitable for holding the tennis racket in your hand. Most people are suitable for handle No. 2. Golfers with small hands can consider handle No. 1, and those with large hands can consider handle No. 3. For tennis rackets, I recommend choosing a thinner one, because generally when we buy a tennis racket, we need to wear a sweatband. If you buy a larger handle, it cannot be made thinner.

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Choosing the right racket handle is also particularly important to prevent injuries! A handle that is too large will strain the hand muscles; a handle that is too small will put pressure on the wrists and elbows.


Racquet length

Under 4 years old 6-8 years old 8-10 years old 10-12 years old

17 inches 21 inches 23 inches 25-26 inches

The adult camera is 27 inches. Generally, you can use the adult camera when you are close to 12 years old. Of course, this is just a simple division.

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Line bed

16*18 has good spin performance, but the string is not durable

18*20, good control performance, durable ball string

16*19 has good spin and high string durability.

The line bed pattern refers to the line bed density, which is what we usually call the line bed density, that is, the density between the horizontal lines (auxiliary lines) and the solid lines (main lines). The durability of your strings also largely depends on the string bed pattern. The smaller the density of the string bed, the ball strings will easily move when hitting the ball. The friction between them will easily cause the ball strings to break, and the durability will be poor.

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Tennis racket hardness

Tennis racket hardness measurement method: Use gravity to pull the racket head, and judge the hardness according to the degree of bending of the racket. The smaller the deformation, the higher the hardness. The larger the deformation, the lower the hardness.

gifts that begin with the letter t

Super soft shot Soft shot Hard shot Super hard shot

≤56 57-65 66-70 ≥71

There are more soft rackets and hard rackets on the market. Hard rackets consume less physical energy, have greater hitting power, are easy to borrow force, have relatively good control, and are less comfortable. Soft rackets require more active effort and control. Poor, suitable for high-level players.

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Therefore, the hard racket is more suitable for beginners. It can use force to make it easier for you to hit the ball deeper and faster. It saves physical energy and has low technical requirements. Of course, it is basically used by high-level players. Choose Soft Shot.

gifts beginning with t

If you want to know some gifts that start with t, then take a look at our gift ideas that start with the letter t for gift giving inspiration!

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