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Gifts That Start with O (Part.3)

Are you still worried about choosing gifts? We recommend some gifts for you, whether they are gifts for family members in the New Year, gifts for Valentine’s Day, or birthday gifts for children, these can be used as a reference.

Gifts That Start with O -Outdoor Hammock

Outdoor camping is a popular project nowadays, especially in the summer. It’s so cool to camp in the mountains to cool off. There are many equipment needed for camping, but there is one thing that is absolutely necessary for families, and that is a hammock. So, For novices, how do we choose a hammock?

Hammocks are generally divided into single hammocks and double hammocks. Double hammocks are more spacious, more comfortable, and have more space to use.

gifts that start with o

Regarding the length of the hammock, the length of the hammock is basically fixed. It is basically about 2 meters. It is not too long or too short. It can basically meet the needs of most people. If you are taller, then when choosing a hammock, be sure to choose a hammock that is at least 6cm longer than your height.

Let’s talk about the use. If it is mainly for outing or hiking, weight is a more important factor, so I suggest you choose a lighter hammock. If you are mainly driving a car, the first consideration is comfort and you can ignore the weight. In addition to carrying a larger hammock, you can also carry a hammock with a stand. If you bring your own stand, you don’t have to find one. There are two big trees, so you can set up a hammock wherever you want.


Gifts That Start with O -Outdoor Cooking Set

It is best to choose outdoor cooking utensils that meet the following characteristics:

  1. Under the same storage volume, the more functions the better. Because when camping outdoors, it is troublesome to carry supplies, and space in a backpack is at a premium. Perfect storage space and multi-function are the first choices.
  2. Under the same volume, choose one with light weight as much as possible. It is also for convenience of portability. If you have a sufficient budget, you can choose titanium alloy tableware, and if you have high cost performance, you can choose aluminum cookware.
  3. Cooking ability can mainly refer to three parts: fast cooking, good heat retention, and even heating.
  4. Ease of use, generally refers to the set of pots, capable of meeting various cooking requirements
  5. Durability. Generally, the coated ones are easy to damage. The durability of aluminum materials is worse than titanium materials and stainless steel materials.

gifts that start with the letter o


Gifts That Start with O -Olive Wood Cutting Board

People who study the kitchen must have extremely high requirements for cutting boards. From a functional point of view, the cutting board must be able to withstand cutting, chopping, chopping, chopping, beating, and slashing; from a durability point of view, it is a basic requirement that it does not crack or deform; from a food safety point of view, the cutting board must not be prone to the growth of bacteria bacteria to ensure hygienic food handling. For urbanites with a fast pace of life, the cleaning and maintenance of cutting boards should not be too troublesome.

The cutting board affects the feel of the knife. A good cutting board can make the rise and fall of the kitchen knife smooth, so that you can feel the cutting when cutting vegetables without biting the knife. While showing off your knife skills, you can’t damage the blade. To be more particular, different cutting boards require different knives. For example, Japanese kitchen knives have high hardness, but poor toughness, and the blade is relatively brittle. It is best not to use it with a hard cutting board, as it is easy to damage the knife.

gifts that start with an o

The chopping board should not be too light. It must have a certain weight and be tightly integrated with the countertop, otherwise it will easily slip when cutting.

Olive wood is the preferred raw material for the production of various high-quality, high-positioning and high-demand products. Olive wood flooring is also a high-end, high-quality solid wood flooring. The density of olive wood is high, so the finished olive wood floor is very solid. Its hardness is equivalent to that of heavy ant wood flooring. It is one of the densest hardwoods in the world, so dry wood flooring is very wear-resistant and durable. Olive wood has bright colors and clear and beautiful texture, so the quality of the finished olive wood cutting board is very good.

gifts that start with letter o


Gifts That Start with O -Oriental Fragrance Set

The so-called oriental fragrance refers to fragrances inspired by floral, tea, woody, medicinal, gourmet, etc. with local Chinese characteristics. Its product design incorporates a large number of traditional Chinese cultural elements.

3 common ingredients in oriental blends: Appreciation of deep and mysterious aromas

christmas gifts that start with o


It is generally believed that the smell of amber is similar to “ambergris”. Ambergris is a waxy substance in the body of sperm whales. The smell before drying is pungent and unpleasant, but after drying, it emits a distinctly sweet, marine and animal smell. It has been precious since ancient times.



Benzoin is obtained from the resin in the benzoin tree. The collector will beat and destroy the bark to let the resin flow out. Then, wait for six months for the resin to solidify, then collect it by hand, clean it and use alcohol solvent. Extracted. Benzoin has a dessert aroma similar to vanilla and caramel. It exudes a warm and healing soft smell and helps calm the mood. It is suitable for use in wards or baby rooms.

gifts beginning with letter o



Frankincense has been used as a perfume material for thousands of years. It often appeared in religious ceremonies in the past and has the reputation of “the fragrance closest to God”.

Frankincense is mainly extracted from different varieties of frankincense trees. The bark is cut 2-3 times a year to allow the resin to flow out before being harvested. It is finally extracted using alcohol solvent or steam distillation. With different weather conditions and tree types, the frankincense extracted each time will be slightly different, bringing unexpected aroma changes. The scent of frankincense has a hint of pine, as well as earthy notes of lemon, citrus and earth. It is suitable for use when the body and mind are tense and helps to relax.


Everyone has been waiting for our gifts that start with o! The last shot is here!

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