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A must have treat for Halloween 2023!

Finally safe for 2023, I’m looking forward to Halloween 2023. Especially the Halloween food! So I went and searched for a lot of Halloween food, I wonder if there is anyone’s favourite~

Halloween 2023
Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin plays an important role in Halloween, a traditional festival in western countries, which is celebrated on 31 October every year. Halloween is a day to pray for peace and also to celebrate the autumn harvest. This is the time when Americans and many western countries celebrate Halloween by eating pumpkin pie and various pumpkin delicacies. Pumpkins seem to have become the representative cuisine of autumn and a symbol of the autumn harvest.

Pumpkin Pie

Halloween is here, eat pumpkin.” Pumpkin is also a festive food for All Hallows Eve, especially in the United States. Pumpkin pie is a traditional late autumn to early winter home-cooked snack in the American South, and is usually eaten, especially around All Hallows’ Eve, to become a festive food. Dried pumpkin seeds are also eaten on All Hallows’ Eve.

Pumpkin cake is made by cutting the pumpkin into pieces and removing the flesh, steaming it, peeling it and mashing it into a puree, adding honey (honey food), flour and glutinous rice flour, and forming a soft pumpkin dough before frying it in a pan.I didn’t realise that pumpkin pie was so simple, and I must have it Halloween 2023!


Witch’s Finger Cookies

Witch's Finger Cookies

Traditional Halloween foods are apple juice, popcorn, pumpkin pie and witch finger biscuits. Here’s how to make witch’s finger biscuits for Halloween dessert:

  1. You need to prepare the right amount of almonds, 100g of unsalted butter, 60g of granulated sugar, 1/4 tsp of vanilla powder, 30g of whole egg wash, 220g of low gluten flour, 1/2 tsp of baking powder.
  2. Soften butter at room temperature, add caster sugar and egg mixture, whip with mixer.
  3. Mix low gluten flour, baking powder and vanilla powder, sift into the cream and mix slightly with a rubber spatula. Wrap the dough in cling film and chill in the fridge for 1 hour to set.
  4. Divide the dough into small pieces and roll them out with your hands into strips with one thick end and one thin end, a little thinner than the diameter of your fingers, because they will expand when baking.
  5. Take an almond and press it into the thin end to form a “nail”, then use your hands to form the shape of a finger and use a knife to cut a few wrinkles into the finger cake before baking.

This is how you make these delicious witch’s finger biscuits! I’d love to try them Halloween 2023!

Caramelised Apples

Caramelised Apples

Caramel apples are a festive treat for All Hallows’ Eve, when the apple harvest is in full swing. The way to do it is to insert the apple straight from the pith part into a bamboo skewer, and then hold the skewer and dip the apple in syrup to dip it in a layer of icing, and sometimes stick it with nuts, marshmallows, small cookies, popcorn, etc. Sometimes some cinnamon will be added to make it a delicate snack, and sometimes it will be dipped into chocolate to make it, and then the outside will be glued with coloured chocolate rice.

Hot Apple Soda


Related to apples, there is also a hot apple cider, cider cider is apple juice or apple cider, this drink is heated with apple cider and then add cinnamon, cloves, sugar simmering and become, the alcohol in the heating has evaporated almost. This drink is prevalent all winter in Europe and America, all the way through Christmas and into the spring, and mulled wine is often drunk at this time of year as well, in a rather similar way, by replacing the cider with red wine.

halloween 2023



What to eat on Halloween? As we all know, pumpkin food is a must for Halloween, but did you know that popcorn is also an indispensable Halloween food?

  1. Popcorn is easy, it’s a quick snack, and by handing you this recipe, you can always have a snack.
  2. Buy small corn kernels. In a pan to peanut oil, cool the oil and put 5 tablespoons of sugar.
  3. Add the corn and stir fry slowly, over low heat, when the corn is evenly fried, cover.
  4. Increase the heat a little and put the lid on. Once the lid is on, shake the pan so that the corn on the bottom is evenly heated
  5. At this point the corn will start to pop, and when it’s almost done, cease fire and remove from the pan. Plate to cool, packed into a sealed box, eat as you go.

halloween 2023

Popcorn is also very nutritious. Corn is rich in carotene and fibre. The nutrients in popcorn are more easily absorbed by the body. The problem with unhealthy popcorn is not the corn itself, but the added salt, fat and sugar.



On Halloween night, children and teenagers will dress up as ghosts and goblins and ask for candy along the street, so all kinds of candies are also considered a kind of seasonal food. Candies sold in shops at this time of the year are more popular, such as candies shaped like ghosts and goblins and candies wrapped in orange, brown or black, which are common on Halloween night.

halloween 2023

Adults should ask their children to only go to homes with festive decorations and lights on the front door, otherwise they will not be disturbed. In addition, the child must always stand at the front door and wait for the candies, not enter the house, and the candies must be inspected by an adult before they are eaten. People who receive children are also asked not to give home-made food or unpackaged food.

The most typical representative of candy is corn candy, which is mainly found in the United States and Canada. It is popular on Halloween in the autumn. Corn Candy was created by the Wunderlee Candy Company in the 1880s. The candy mimics corn kernels and comes in three colours.


halloween 2023

Halloween, cake is an essential supporting role, especially in recent years, for Halloween launched a variety of spoofs, spooky cake, of course, there are also some of the cute cake, the degree of adorableness so that you can not bear to eat, there is also a disgusting degree so that you do not dare to eat!

Toffee Apples


As All Saints’ Eve is close to the apple harvest, sweet toffee apples become a festive treat. The apples are placed on a bamboo skewer, which is then turned in toffee syrup, sometimes with nuts stuck on top. The sweet and crunchy toffee apples are a favourite among children. Once upon a time, it was customary for families to give toffee apples to children. This custom has gradually disappeared since it was rumoured that people were putting tacks and razor blades into the apples.


The above is the content of this issue~
Just now Mr Long passed behind me and he said:You are writing about Halloween treats because you have a craving for them, right?
Nonsense, I’m obviously doing it for science! I’m going to open the door. Mr Long is back from buying cakes.
I’m looking forward to Halloween 2023.

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