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Halloween aesthetic: the most romantic art

Halloween aesthetic

Halloween in 2023 is coming, and I believe everyone has already entered the process of preparing for Halloween decorations. Halloween is a very important holiday, and it seems that horror and darkness always come to mind until Halloween. Does that mean that Halloween aesthetics only includes the element of horror? Is Halloween aesthetics just for Halloween? In what other ways is Halloween aesthetics reflected? Let us find out together below.

Halloween aesthetic

What is Halloween aesthetic?

Halloween aesthetics is actually a very broad category. In fact, many aspects of our lives include Halloween aesthetics. Let’s talk about it in a big way first. In fact, the application scope of Halloween aesthetics is very wide. It covers many aspects such as clothing, accessories, decoration, design, etc. In various fields, there are many applications of Halloween aesthetics, and it is also very trendy.

cardi b halloween costume

Halloween aesthetics does not only appear on Halloween. Many designers often use Halloween aesthetics as a core theme to design costumes and hold costume shows. Even in our most common photography, we will inadvertently use Halloween aesthetics. For example, in autumn, when we take photos in the woods, we often match brown leaves with black. Sometimes in order to reflect an atmosphere, we lower the color. This is actually a kind of Halloween aesthetics.

Halloween aesthetic wallpaper

Halloween aesthetics in life

Halloween aesthetics is widely used, which actually indirectly answers a question. Halloween aesthetics is not only related to horror. Pure horror cannot constitute a kind of beauty, and it is certainly not a Halloween aesthetic. Of course, we cannot deny that horror elements are indeed a feature of Halloween aesthetics.

However, with the popularity of Halloween aesthetics, we gradually found that everyone is more and more accepting of Halloween aesthetics. For example, orange and black are also used in the layout of the room, although these elements sound similar to Halloween. The relationship is very big. Some people think that such a combination gives people a festive feeling. In fact, when we saw the actual picture, we found that such a combination is very daily. The orange is embellished in the black just right, making the room feel elegant. There are some more lively colors in the preface.

Halloween aesthetic room

Therefore, Halloween aesthetics can actually be used in greater applications, even in makeup, manicure, etc. Moreover, Halloween aesthetics is not just a fad. It has a very long history, and the Halloween aesthetics of each era are somewhat different. We will introduce them to you later.

So what is the specific embodiment of Halloween aesthetics? Below I will briefly analyze it in several aspects.

Halloween aesthetic wallpaper

This one is a very typical Halloween aesthetic wallpaper. First of all, he puts many Halloween elements together, the most classic one is the pumpkin head. Secondly, the most classic thing about Halloween aesthetics is that the colors are not particularly bright. For example, in this Halloween aesthetic wallpaper, there are actually a lot of white backgrounds, but this white is not bright white, but a dark off-white. It’s also very much in keeping with the Halloween aesthetic.

halloween aesthetic wallpaper

This one is a very classic wallpaper in Halloween aesthetics that I want to share with you. Skeletons give everyone the impression of being scary, but when we look at this wallpaper, is it scary? He’s not scary at all. This Halloween aesthetic wallpaper has a deep meaning: the skeleton is the end of life, but in this picture it grows a flower, which represents the beginning of life. So is death the end or the beginning? When we fail to do something, does it mean the end of it or the beginning of another hope?

halloween aesthetic wallpaper

The third Halloween aesthetic wallpaper is also from the skull series. In fact, I had a previous article to share with you some Halloween wallpapers, including this skull series. I personally like this series of wallpapers very much. I think it conveys a kind of romance to people, a romance that is different from ordinary flower bubbles. Someone said before that skeletons mean eternal love, and I think this is the most romantic series among Halloween aesthetic wallpapers.

halloween aesthetic wallpaper

Halloween aesthetic outfits

In everyone’s traditional impression, Halloween aesthetic outfits are mostly costumes worn on Halloween night, and these costumes may be related to horror. But in fact, Halloween aesthetic outfits are becoming more and more every day.

For example, this one is a retro palace style design. The Halloween aesthetic element adopted by this Halloween aesthetic outfits should be bats. The design of this skirt is very every day. It is a very classic piece of clothing that can subvert everyone’s perception of Halloween aesthetic outfits.

halloween aesthetic

The second piece of clothing from Halloween Aesthetic Outfits is even more stylish. It is even said to be a piece of clothing that has absolutely nothing to do with Halloween in the public mind. This dress uses a lot of gauze design and is all pink, even the pumpkin is pink. The color of the entire background is no longer black, but uses warm light.

halloween aesthetic

Halloween aesthetic decoration

White light is usually more eerie than yellow light. Because the psychological feeling of white light is cold, desolate and distant. Many spirits in areas unknown to humans will be described and represented by humans using the color white. Such as angels, ghosts, and even heaven. Therefore, white ghost lights are essential for Halloween.

Halloween aesthetics

The orange color of pumpkins is great for alleviating Halloween fears. Cake made of pumpkin is very appetizing, because the psychological feeling of orange is warmth, jumping, and is a color for foodies. Pumpkins are an essential Halloween decoration, and turning them into a delicacy is also a particularly good idea.

Halloween aesthetics

Some purple appears on the desktop during Halloween, which is very appropriate for the occasion. Purple not only has a sense of nobility but also a sense of mystery. Especially if the things you see every day are changed to purple, it will add a special feeling. Such as purple pumpkins, purple candies, purple food, etc.

Halloween aesthetics

Halloween cakes can be made in many ways to match the festive atmosphere, and dark and warm colors are best for color matching. Because Halloween is a festival that requires darkness to set off the color, the choice of corresponding food colors should be low in lightness and rich in color.

For witch’s finger cakes, when using red, be sure not to use pure warm or warm bright reds, but rather dark warm or dark cold colors are better. After all, it is food that needs to be eaten. Even on Halloween, the psychological reaction of the viewer must be taken into consideration. Therefore, how to use suitable colors to enhance the festive atmosphere without making it disgusting is really a science.

Witch's Finger Cookies

The above is some popular science about Halloween aesthetics that I have shared with you. In fact, this article is a simple introduction to Halloween aesthetics. Below I will also publish some series of articles introducing Halloween aesthetics costumes, wallpapers, makeup, accessories, etc. Wait for many aspects.

Halloween aesthetics

In fact, the biggest feeling I have about Halloween aesthetics is that it is a very alternative kind of romance. In the past, everyone’s understanding of Halloween was just pure horror, but in fact its application is becoming more and more widespread, and it is becoming more and more daily. After I learned about the aesthetics of Halloween, I also felt that this kind of romance is what I like very much, so I am also willing to share it with everyone. If you like it, please discuss it with me in the comment area.

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