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Deer makeup Halloween: A tutorial you can definitely learn!

Deer makeup halloween

Halloween must have a Halloween atmosphere. If you choose to wear elk-related costumes on Halloween, deer makeup halloween is essential.

There are many different styles of deer makeup halloween. Today we will share the two most common styles, hoping to help everyone create the most beautiful makeup!

deer makeup halloween

Makeup preparation

The weather in autumn and winter is relatively dry. In order to apply makeup better, we can apply lip balm on the mouth and an essence lotion on the face before applying makeup. The essence should be applied with fingertips, which can help us apply makeup better. Absorption. You don’t need to apply the essence all over your face. You can dot it on key areas where powder is prone to sticking, such as the wings of your nose, forehead and other areas.

deer makeup halloween

Then apply a moisturizing cream on your face. A little trick as shown in the picture is to use the palm of your hand to spread the cream in a long line and then press it firmly on your face without rubbing it. Finally, wait for the cream to be absorbed. Be sure to wait until the lotion and cream before skin care are absorbed before applying makeup, otherwise the foundation will rub into the skin.

deer makeup halloween

If your face is swollen, you can also massage your face while waiting for it to be absorbed, which will help eliminate edema and help skin care products to be better absorbed.

Base makeup

Step 1: Concealer

It’s best to apply concealer before foundation to make it more compliant. Use the concealer dots to apply on the blemishes on the face. If there are few blemishes on the face, you can choose to use sand to blend out the areas where the concealer dots are applied. If there are many blemishes on your face, you can directly use the powder puff to cover up the blemishes.

deer makeup halloween

Step 2: To base

If you want to put on makeup quickly, you can choose to use air cushion foundation, which is convenient and fast. If you have enough time, you can choose to use liquid foundation. The weather is relatively dry now. In order to prevent powder from sticking, you can choose a more moisturizing version whether it is air cushion or liquid foundation.

Step 3: Set makeup

Nowadays, setting makeup is not the last step of makeup, but after applying base makeup, using makeup setting products for the first time can make makeup last longer. At this time, you can choose to use loose powder or makeup setting spray to set your makeup.

deer makeup halloween

Eye makeup and nose shadow

The characteristic of deer makeup halloween eye makeup is that the eyes should be big and smart. There are two kinds of deer Halloween makeup to share. The difference in eye makeup is quite big, so I will talk about it in two parts. The connection between nose shadow and eye makeup is relatively strong, so I will talk about them together.

halloween makeup

Style 1

Eye shadow

This style of deer makeup halloween does not require particularly exaggerated colors on the eyes. First use a light eyeshadow as a base, then lightly blend with a light brown eyeshadow.


Eyeliner is the focus of deer makeup halloween. Because you want your eyes to look bigger, the eyeliner should be thicker than usual, with a longer extension at the end of the eye. The color can be black.

halloween makeup


After curling your own eyelashes, choosing exaggerated false eyelashes mainly plays a role in enlarging the eyes. But if you don’t want to use false eyelashes, you can use mascara to curl your eyelashes very much.

Nose shadow


The makeup on the nose is also a very important feature of deer makeup halloween. Compared with the daily nose shadow, the nose shadow of deer makeup halloween is more exaggerated. Choose a brown shadow, smudge it on both sides of the nose, and connect the eye shadow to the eye sockets to make the eye sockets darker, and the nose and eyes should be heavier.

halloween makeup


The brightening of the nose should also be particularly exaggerated, and more brightening colors should be used to make the outline of the nose more obvious.

Style 2

Eye shadow

The eyeshadow part is the biggest difference between these two deer makeup halloween. This kind of eyeshadow style will be more exaggerated. First, you need to choose a darker color, such as dark brown or even black. Apply a large area of ​​smudge on the eye close to the root of the eyelashes, the width is about 1/3 of the eye. To blend out a thicker eyeliner shape.

halloween makeup

Then use white eye shadow. The distance between the dark eye shadow and the eyebrows is filled with white, and the lower eyelids should also be blended. It means that our usual makeup is mainly divided into black eye shadow and white eye shadow, but it needs to be enlarged.

How to apply eye shadow is probably the most difficult part of the whole deer makeup halloween. There is no big difference between the eyelash nose shadow and the style, so I won’t introduce it in detail.

Deer makeup Halloween: A tutorial you can definitely learn!插图9


In fact, it is a blush, rather it is a depiction of the deer makeup halloween features of the face. The blush must be a brown color, mainly applied on both sides of the cheekbones, and it should be painted more clearly. Depending on your makeup, you can also add white spots near the eye makeup. At this time, our makeup is complete, and then we can use black nose shadow to blacken the tip of our nose to make it closer to the deer.

Deer makeup Halloween: A tutorial you can definitely learn!插图10


Before applying lipstick, we first wipe off the lip balm on our mouth, and then according to the characteristics of our makeup, we can choose a light-colored lipstick with a brownish color or a pink-toned lipstick.

Final makeup

After our whole deer makeup halloween is over, we still need to use makeup setting products to set our makeup.

Deer makeup Halloween: A tutorial you can definitely learn!插图11

The above is the sharing of deer makeup halloween. I will also share more Halloween makeup later. If you are interested, you can also share it with me in the comment area.

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