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Summary of china glaze halloween series recommendation list!


Founded in 1998, China Gla͏z͏e ͏is a we͏ll-known nail ͏polish br͏and in the United States. Its col͏ors a͏re really rich. There a͏re only͏ colors you can’t think of, and the͏re are n͏o colors it ca͏n’t mak͏e! Known in ͏fash͏io͏n circl͏es for her͏ unique and creati͏ve nail͏ poli͏sh colors, sh͏e is popu͏lar in the͏ fashion and beauty indu͏st͏ries͏. China Glaze’s͏ color palet͏te is͏ never limited, ͏f͏r͏om ͏classic colors to in͏nov͏ative͏ ͏colors, China Glaze ͏breaks the ͏tradition time an͏d time again, all͏owing p͏eople to͏ e͏njoy the high-end fun of͏ ͏m͏anicu͏re͏! Wheth͏er you wan͏t a st͏y͏lish͏ metallic ͏sheen or a͏ low-key matte effect͏, it has it all.

china glaze halloween 2023

China Glaze also cooperates with various brands to launch limited edition series, and also launches unique theme series during special festivals. We introduced to you the china glaze halloween 2023 series before, which is a very metallic series. Today I want to review more china glaze halloween series for you. Let’s take a look at them!

China glaze Halloween 2022

What can I say about the color palette of china glaze halloween 2022? It’s quite satisfactory, with no surprises. Without further ado, let’s take a look at recommended colors and bad colors.

china glaze halloween

Recommended colors

Deadly Desires

Red nail polish is definitely the most common Halloween color, and China Glaze Halloween’s red tone is very classic, neither too bright nor too dull. The texture is very good, it applies very smoothly, does not cause brush marks easily, and dries quickly. It’s also very long lasting and won’t fade or peel easily. What makes me most satisfied is its brightness. The sequins inside make it look very shiny.

China glaze Halloween 2022

Twisted Sister

Twisted Sister is my favorite nail polish in China Glaze halloween2022. The color is a very sweet peach color. Generally, peach pinks are very rich colors, but not sweet. But Twisted Sister is a very sweet color, not even gentle, just sweet! What it shows is a person’s vitality and sunshine. And it has a very good coloring effect. It can be very pigmented in two layers, and it also has durability and gloss. It spreads easily and evenly on nails and won’t chip or fade easily.

China glaze Halloween 2022

Not recommended

Sinful Soul

China Glaze halloween2022’s Sinful Soul made me very confused. Maybe it’s because the white tone is too heavy, so it has no level at all when applied on the nails. It looks very thick and feels as thick as 5 centimeters. Moreover, the texture is neither matte nor shiny, and there is no highlight on the hands.

China glaze Halloween 2022

Once A Witch, Always A Witch

Once A Witch, Always A Witch is a hard-to-guess color. I almost thought it was fluorescent green, but it’s not that green, more lemon yellow. This one is also a glossy one. I really don’t like this color palette. I feel the yellow tone is too heavy. I would prefer a greener one.

Summary of china glaze halloween series recommendation list!插图5


The overall color palette of china glaze halloween 2022 is not innovative. The more colorful colors are also the most common colors. They do not make people feel bright. All the nail polish colors make people feel lack of vitality and lack of saturation and brightness. Too high. The matte and glossy finishes aren’t done very well either.

China glaze Halloween 2021

Holee Shift! Live Swatch

Holee Shift! Live Swatch is my favorite color in china glaze halloween 2021. The color is a very metallic silver with pink and purple laser. The pink and purple laser is so beautiful. The color is so great, the silver and laser colors are just right, and when applied to the nails, it creates a dazzling and eye-catching shine, which is fashionable and individual! The nails are made like exquisite diamonds. The fine silver glitter is finely distributed on the nails, and then radiates the most dazzling light, like the twinkling stars in the starry sky. If you have always wanted to try glitter silver nail polish, then china glaze halloween The 2021e Holee Shift! Live Swatch is definitely your perfect choice

China glaze Halloween 2021
She’s So Extra Terrestrial Live Swatch

The color palette of She’s So Extra Terrestrial Live Swatch is like an oil painting. The base color is blue-green, like a piece of jasper, with fine sparkles inside, like stars in the sky. When applied to nails, it looks like a turquoise lake in the mountains, reflecting the shining stars in the sky. Seeing it reminded me of Van Gogh’s Starry Night, very elegant and artistic. It’s like a piece of green vines shining endlessly under the sunlight in the morning. It’s so bright that it makes people feel as beautiful as a dream. This is a color made of artistic beauty!

China glaze Halloween 2021

Little Green Invaders Live Swatch

Generally, the green color for Halloween is darker, just like a witch. But the green of the Little Green Invaders Live Swatch is a powerful green rather than evil. Its green is not that of grass, but a vast expanse of grassland. Its green is not the green of a tree, but the green of a primeval forest. It is powerful and imposing, with a very good tone, just like a noble queen. It is also a very versatile color that can appear in any occasion, very everyday!

Summary of china glaze halloween series recommendation list!插图8


I recommend three colors from the china glaze halloween 2021 series. This does not mean that other colors are not good-looking! Every color of china glaze halloween 2021 series is beautiful! The overall color palette is very good, and every color has a popular feel. Every color of china glaze halloween 2021 has fine glitter, but it is very high-end, with just the right amount of fine glitter, and it does not look cheap at all! If you want to try the china glaze halloween series for the first time, I will definitely recommend you to buy the china glaze halloween 2021 series. Every color is a masterpiece!

Summary of china glaze halloween series recommendation list!插图9

Final conclusion

China glaze halloween has a history of many years. Its series in each year are very classic and have their own representative colors. They are very popular with everyone. I want to introduce it so that more people are willing to try it. , find the one that suits you, and don’t step on the wrong one. The above is the sharing of china glaze halloween in this issue, let’s look forward to the next one!

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