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Gifts That Start with M (Part.2)

Mimosa Kit

Mimosa is a relatively fun flower. When you are bored, you can touch its leaves and watch it shyly close its leaves. It is precisely because of this fun characteristic of mimosa that many people like it and are willing to spend time with it. Keep one or two pots of mimosa at home, otherwise the mimosa is really ordinary in terms of appearance.

It might be fun to give a Mimosa Kit to your friend who wants to keep plants!

gifts that start with m

If you want to grow Mimosa well, the first and most important thing is the soil. Although Mimosa has average soil requirements, it can ensure that Mimosa grows better in fertile and well-drained soil, so you should provide soil for Mimosa. When planting, you can use garden soil with some leaf mold soil and sand.

gifts that start with m

Mimosa must be understood by those who wish to plant it at home because trying the whole process after bearing its price is useless as this will make it impossible for mimosa claims.

Mimosa thrives in sunlight, so it is advisable to plant on the south side of a balcony.

If the plant is put in a shaded place for too long, e.g. bathroom at home or room with poor lighting this will result to thin growth and as time goes by leaves of mimosa turn yellow.

gifts that start with the letter m

In the growing season, mimosa flourishes profusely and thus needs more water. During this period, the soil must remain wet but not soggy.

If the moisture level is inadequate, however, mimosa plant leaves will wilt instantly. This reflects a state of water scarcity. When the situation of water shortage is particularly serious, you cannot close leaves even when they are stimulated; therefore in this case mimosa should be irrigated on time and there especially it would require special attention for its irrigation during summer time because evaporation occurs rapidly at this temperature but reduction in winter due to suitable low temperatures that do not encourage growth of mirursa.

Alternatively, you can have a watering cut in the Mimosa Kit.


Mason Jar Herb Garden

In today’s era, you can already experience the fun of DIY and growing small plants through various kits and material packages. The Mason Jar Herb Garden we discovered this time is very interesting and allows you to experience The simple pleasures of growing.

And you can use your own herbs when cooking and decorating, what a lovely experience! Buying a Mason Jar Herb Garden for your friend might be an impressive gift for him/her!

gifts that start with an m


Massage Pillow

Massage pillows and cervical pillows actually massage our necks and have a good relaxing effect. Generally speaking, they are made into a neck massager or a massage cushion. Massage pillows also the same.

If you want your friend to relax, this is one of the gifts that start with m would bring a great relax experience.

The key point is to relax our necks well. Of course, this is also a key point. For example, during normal times, we often stare at the screen to type, type on the keyboard, or do homework. If we work for a long time, , will cause some soreness in your neck or waist.

When choosing a massage pillow, in addition to its basic massage techniques, you should also pay attention to its material. Generally, the relatively better one is space memory foam. This kind of fabric can greatly relieve your own pressure.

christmas gifts that start with m


Microfiber Towel Set

Towels are familiar to everyone. Everyone uses them every day. They can be used to wipe hands, face and body. There are also a dazzling array of towels on the market, including bamboo fiber towels, cut velvet printed towels, untwisted yarn towels, weakly twisted towels, microfiber towels, and a variety of towels claimed to be Egyptian cotton.

Many people may have a problem when using towels, which is lint loss. Many people can’t stand this and shout to the sky: Why is there no lint-free towel?

Well, let me introduce some science here. All pure cotton towels have lint, and it’s just a matter of light or heavy. The only thing that can solve the lint problem now is microfiber towels, which are pure fiber towels.

funny gifts that start with m

Why doesn’t microfiber shed lint? As mentioned before, microfiber is chemical fiber, and chemical fiber is all filament (which can be understood as spider silk, a thread is spit out from the spider’s belly for several kilometers). The surface of the filament is smooth and it is very long, so There are no exposed fibers like pure cotton short fibers, so after being made into towels, the filaments will not shed lint.


Mandolin Slicer

Mandolin Slicer is really a kitchen artifact that can greatly reduce your kitchen stress! There are various Slicers on the market now, which are made of various materials, such as stainless steel, resin, and food-grade plastic. Each has its own advantages. Stainless steel is stronger, and food-grade plastic is easy to clean.

We say there is no best product, only the best one for you. I hope everyone can choose the product that best suits them.

gifts that begin with the letter m

For example, if you don’t need slicers to cut into various shapes, then a simple and sturdy slicer is enough for you. If you have the need to cut a variety of different materials, then a versatile, multi-blade slicer may be what you need.

If you want to give Mandolin Slicer as a gift, you should also consider the needs of the recipient!


Magnetic Phone Mount

The magnetic mobile phone holder is a mobile phone holder that fixes the mobile phone through magnetic force. The advantage of the magnetic mobile phone holder is that it is compact and does not occupy space. It can be pasted and fixed anywhere at will. The adjustment angle is also very flexible and uncontrollable. It can adapt to mobile phones of various sizes and be fixed on the center console without affecting the driving vision.

gifts that begin with m

If you find that your driving friend lacks a mobile phone holder, then you can give him/her a Magnetic Phone Mount as a gift!

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