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Gifts That Start with N (Part.2)

Napkin rings

The sophistication of a family is reflected in the details. Napkin rings are like the cuffs on a man’s shirt. With and without, they are two different atmospheres.

Napkin is a special cleaning square towel used at banquets. It is also one of the three touchstones for elegance in Western food etiquette. Never ignore the role of napkins in Western food.

In addition to napkins, there is also an accessory that is used in conjunction with napkins. It’s a napkin ring. It is the key decoration on the dining table to create an elegant atmosphere. In addition to the color, aroma and taste of the meal, the complementary napkin ring style also has the icing on the cake and the finishing touch of the visual effect.

Napkin rings are generally an aspect that is easily overlooked. The napkin rings we usually use are all beautiful metal napkin rings. But over time, visual fatigue will definitely occur. What’s more, in many different dining environments, different styles of napkin rings should also be used to match.

Give your friend Napkin rings as gifts that start with n, it should be an impressive gift for her/him too!

gifts that start with n


Plant type

Match the napkins with various styles of napkin rings, as well as various styles of bright green plants, such as succulents and small green leaves. When guests see this scene for the first time, they will definitely be amazed by the freshness in front of them. No more tired metal napkin rings.

gifts that start with the letter n


Flower type

Pairing the napkins with brightly colored or elegantly colored flower napkin rings will definitely create a beautiful scenery. The specific color selection can be reasonably matched according to the color of the napkin.

gifts that start with the letter n


Fruits and vegetables

You may not have thought that pineapples, coconut trees, and carrots can also be made into napkin rings! There’s nothing they can’t do unless you think of it.

gifts that start with an n


Animal type

Creativity comes from life, and everything you see, hear and feel in life can become your source of inspiration. The same is true for napkin rings. Birds, bird’s nests, swans, flamingoes, cow heads, and octopuses can all be used as decorations for napkin rings.

christmas gifts that start with n


Handicraft type

You can also DIY with your own hands, and purely handicrafts also have unique characteristics. It can better reflect the value of the product and also let the recipient of the gift feel your intentions.

christmas gifts that start with n


Nautical-themed decor

Some people are particularly obsessed with nautical themes, and even their birthday parties must have a nautical theme. You can send a nautical-themed party to this friend who loves nautical themes.

In this way, some nautical-themed decor might also be a good gift for him/her.

There are also many kinds of nautical style decorations, nautical ropes and knots used for decoration, such as hanging from the ceiling or as doorstops. There are also some old metal nautical wheels, which can be used as hanging decorations on the wall or as doorstops. Head and foot of the bed. Not to mention the nautical style four-piece set, there are also shell wind chimes.

The nautical theme is very distinctive and easy to decorate. The main color is blue and white. As long as you use these two colors well, you can transform any cabinet in your home into a nautical theme.

gift ideas that start with n


Nesting dolls

What is the symbolic meaning of the Russian matryoshka doll?

The matryoshka doll means that you are in me, you are in me, and we will never be separated.

Russian matryoshka dolls (матрёшка or матрешка) are Russian specialty wooden toys. They are generally composed of multiple hollow wooden dolls with the same pattern nested one inside another. There can be up to more than ten. They are usually cylindrical in shape and have a flat bottom that can stand upright. Colors include red, blue, green, purple, etc. The most common pattern is a girl wearing Russian national costume, called “Matroshka”, which has also become the common name for this kind of doll.

gifts that start with an n

From the 14th century to the present, the matryoshka dolls originated in the ancient Russian town of Zagorsk (Загорск), 70 kilometers south of Moscow. Due to the exquisite carving and painting skills of generations of craftsmen and the accumulation of Russian national culture, they have become popular among children and children from all over the world. Loved by big friends.

Cute, delicate and playable nesting dolls with childlike charm may become the recipient’s pick~


Nose hair trimmer

A very practical gift with hilarious advantages.

I remember last year, I saw someone posting a small black tube with a copy: Thank you so-and-so for the gift. It was very practical. My friend had rhinitis, and he knew it and gave him a nose hair trimmer. It was only then that I found out about this gadget. I always use small scissors…

The principle of a nose hair trimmer is basically the same as that of an electric shaver. Both motors drive the cutter head to rotate to cut hair. The greater the power of the machine, the faster the cutter head rotates, and the better the trimming speed and effect. The blades of high-quality nose hair trimmers are basically made of aluminum alloy. Ordinary nose hair trimmers are made of stainless steel. For the trimming effect, aluminum alloy is faster, sharper and more durable.

gift ideas that start with n

The noise of a nose hair trimmer depends on the manufacturer’s motor manufacturing level. Originally, the cost of a nose hair trimmer is not very high, and the manufacturer does not attach much importance to the silent function. Moreover, there are few nose hairs, so short-term noise will not have much impact.

The current nose hair trimmers on the market generally have a continuous working time of about 12 hours. Currently, nose hair trimmers use more dry batteries, but there are also several brands that use lithium batteries. The battery life function can completely solve the problem of short-term business trips. .

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