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Gifts That Start with Q (Part.2)

Quartz Crystal

Mineral crystals may make a good gift for collectors of various stones. I once saw that kind of blind box with small mineral pieces in a cultural and creative supplies store, which was very interesting.

Among mineral crystals, I think the first choice for gift giving is quartz crystal, because it is cheap and beautiful. There are other categories available, but given the price, the best is quartz crystal. There are two types of gifts: quartz crystal clusters and quartz geodes, both of which are beautiful.

For others, you can also give a stone that you polished by yourself. This can be crystal, jade, agate, etc., including even a good-looking rock. The material is not a big problem, the key is whether the color is beautiful or not, whether the hardness is suitable or not, and whether the shape is good-looking or not.

The most important thing is to polish it with your own hands, the meaning must be different!

gifts that start with letter q


Quartz Watch

In fact, friends who know a little bit about watches know that watches are divided into quartz watches and mechanical watches. Quartz watches and mechanical watches basically each account for half of the market sales. Quartz watches have the advantages of quartz watches, and mechanical watches also have the advantages of mechanical watches. No one can eliminate anyone in the short term. Today I will talk to you about quartz watches.

gifts that start with the letter q

Everyone must first have a general understanding of the principle of a quartz watch. A quartz watch uses an internal quartz oscillator as the time base. When the quartz crystal is affected by the battery, it will produce regular vibrations. This is the general principle of a quartz watch. Compared with the small parts of mechanical watches, there are more electronic components inside quartz watches, such as resistors and capacitors.

gifts that start with the letter q

There are still many advantages to quartz watches. One of the most intuitive advantages is accuracy. This is caused by the internal principle of quartz watches. Some people say that a quartz watch worth tens of dollars will be more accurate than a mechanical watch worth hundreds of thousands. In fact, you are right. The travel time error of a quartz watch is very low, and can reach the level of a few seconds per month.

Secondly, the advantage of quartz watches is that maintenance is not that troublesome. It is relatively trouble-free at ordinary times. There is no need to wind the chain and just replace the battery. Moreover, the weight of quartz watches is relatively light, much lighter than mechanical watches. These two points are very suitable for female friends.

gifts that begin with q


Quill and Ink Set

The retro trend is coming, what are the retro-style gifts that start with q? I was watching Harry Potter a few days ago, and I thought the quill was a really interesting object, with a very retro feel.

For your friend who loves retro gadgets, you can buy a Quill and Ink Set as a gift to cater to his/her retro hobby.

Moreover, there are all kinds of Quill and Ink Sets on the market now, with various shapes and five or six types of pen tips, not to mention colorful inks. A Quill and Ink Set is enough to satisfy most of your retro desires.

gifts that start with q


Quartz Coasters

If you want to buy some small decorations for your friends and want them to be practical, then you might as well consider quartz coasters!

Quartz is a hard, crystalline mineral composed of silica, making it highly durable and resistant to wear and tear, and is known for its ability to withstand high temperatures. Therefore, it is an ideal material for coasters. It is especially suitable for friends who like to collect minerals, or those who want to use mineral decoration at home casually.

What’s more, quartz has low porosity, which means it is less likely to absorb liquids and is easier to clean and maintain. And the transparency of quartz and the style of the stone are very elegant and beautiful, even as a simple decoration.

gifts that start with letter q


Quirky Candle

There are so many scented candles in my house that I can no longer fit them on tables, coffee tables, cabinets, and even on the corners of stairs, etc., but when I see good-looking and interesting ones, I still can’t help but buy them. These weird but interesting candles add interest to your home. I would like to share a few candles with shapes that I think can be used blindly.


Loewe rabbit shaped candle

The smell is slightly sweet, and it is as cute and sweet as the shape.

I bought it during New Year’s shopping in the Year of the Rabbit. I liked the cute shape and there are several colors, so I bought the gray one. The taste is that of vanilla cream, like the sweetness of white chocolate. It will leave a strong sweetness in the space even if it is not lit.

presents that start with q


Loewe candlestick shape candle

Love the natural beauty of it after burning.

Generally, a candle is inserted on top of the candlestick. This one directly makes the candle look like a candlestick, and there is a tray-like thing at the bottom that can be separated.

I prefer this look when it burns part of the candle until the candle liquid flows out. The casual and natural look is very beautiful and very atmospheric.

The yellow one I bought smells like honeysuckle. When it burns, a faint floral fragrance lingers in the air, which is very comfortable.

gifts that start with the letter q


Hand carved candles

The fragrance is average, but the styling is unbeatable.

Have you ever seen this kind of video of hand-made candles late at night? Layers of candle liquid are wrapped in it, and then when it solidifies slightly, it is quickly cut and twisted to create various patterns. Because each layer has a different color, it changes when turned over. It will look great, the candle at the end will be beautiful, and the video will be very relaxing.

There are many hand-carved candles like this on the streets of Germany. I bought them when I went to Germany before. I was attracted by the shape, so I still can’t bear to light them. The smell is a very common floral scent, and the main thing is that it looks good.

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