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Gifts That Start with R (Part.2)


Today is our series of alphabet gift ideas gifts that start with r part.2! Let’s take a look at other gifts starting with the letter r! Lack of gift ideas? Hurry and take a look at our alphabet gift series, you’ll find all kinds of imaginative gift ideas!


Riding horse gear

On the racecourse, a knight’s uniform that is tailored well, comfortable to wear, and has a neat and sharp image may not allow us to score 10 points or zero penalty points, but it can make us more confident and allow us to face the challenges faced by others. The referee smiled brightly, allowing us to convey the same confidence to the horses, bravely and cautiously crossing every obstacle.

The difference between a knight’s uniform and ordinary clothing is that when wearing a knight’s uniform, we first remain seated and ride on a horse; based on sports function considerations, the knight’s uniform needs to be soft, elastic, sweat-wicking, breathable, machine washable, and meet the above conditions It is a standard element of modern knight uniforms. Windproof, warm, waterproof and anti-fouling fabrics that can cope with bad weather are also becoming more and more popular.

gifts that start with r

How to make our dress on horseback more comfortable and casual. Just looking good and comfortable is not enough. Please look at some competition photos, other people’s and your own. You will find that our height on horseback is determined by the length of our thighs. If the thighs are long, the person will appear taller; if the thighs are shorter, the person will appear shorter. This is why knight uniforms have become more and more short in recent years. In the same way, when buying boots, experienced shopping guides will definitely dissuade you from buying riding boots that reach the upper limit of the calf.

gifts that start with the letter r

For equestrian enthusiasts, how to choose a knight’s uniform that suits them is actually very simple: the golden rule = the top should not be too long and the boots should not be too high.

First, let us check the following details:

  1. Shoulders should not be in a tight position.
  2. The bottom of the backswing should not be lower than the end of the tailbone.
  3. You can fasten all the buttons easily without having to pull the clothes hard or take a deep breath.
  4. If your figure happens to be in the middle of two sizes, choose the larger size decisively. Don’t think that wrapping up your body tightly will show off your figure. If you don’t believe me, get on a horse and ask someone to take a photo for you to see for yourself. It’s almost like a Michelin tire man.

gifts that start with an r

After completing the self-examination, you should understand how to choose a knight uniform that suits you, right? I hope all equestrian-loving friends can choose the right knight uniform that suits them!


Rum cake

Rum cake has always been the best among cakes in my personal opinion. It has a mellow and rich sweet taste and a hint of drunken charm. Sending a Rum cake to each other will definitely be a great gift that start with r!

Next, I will write down the recipe of Rum cake here:



Butter 120g

140g fine sugar

2 eggs

Low gluten flour 150g

Yeast half bag

Honey 2 coffee spoons

caramel 1 tablespoon

Raisins 80g

Dried plums 80g

Dried almonds 80g

rum 1 tablespoon

gifts that start with letter r


How to make rum cake

Dice the dried fruit and soak it in rum overnight.

Grease an 18cm mold with butter and sprinkle with flour; preheat the oven to 165 degrees; sift the flour and yeast.

Beat the softened butter and sugar until slightly white, add eggs one by one, mix well, then add honey and caramel, pour in flour and dried fruits, mix well.

Pour into the mold and bake for 50 minutes to 1 hour.

After taking it out of the oven, brush the rum soaked in dried fruits onto the cake and unmold it.

gifts that start with letter r

Rum cake is one of the simpler cakes among many complex cakes. I wish everyone success in baking!


Riding helmet

When it comes to riding, I have to say that apart from the bicycle, the most important piece of equipment is the helmet, which you may not feel when riding normally. Nowadays, if you just browse cycling videos, there are still many people who don’t like to wear helmets. They think it is a burden and troublesome.

But once the car crashes, the helmet can play the greatest role. A good and qualified helmet can effectively protect the head from injury.


Components of helmet

The helmet we usually wear when riding is mainly composed of a shell, a buffer layer, a comfort pad, goggles (most of which are not available) and a wearing device. Most of the raw materials for the shell are improved ABS and PC resin.

The buffer layer is a very important part. It directly absorbs external impact force. It is generally made of EPS (polystyrene foam) or EPP (expanded polypropylene). Both materials have the characteristics of light weight and high strength. EPP is a degradable environmentally friendly material, while EPS is non-degradable. The padding is generally made of spandex fiber and other materials, and the wearing device is generally made of nylon mixed materials.

christmas gifts that start with r


Helmet standards

Sports helmets are generally more reliable now with CE standards and CPSC standards. CE standards are European Community standards, and CPSC standards are American standards. Generally, current helmet products will be marked with which standard certification they have passed, and then these standards will naturally pass The more the better, the more reliable the security.

presents beginning with r


Introduction to the MIPS Anti-Concussion System

Now more and more helmets are designed with MIPS anti-concussion system. Let me briefly introduce the principle of this anti-concussion system. As shown in the figure below, this system can effectively protect the head when it is hit. Department to prevent concussions from occurring.

christmas gifts that start with r


Types of helmets

Road bike helmets generally need to be as light as possible, aerodynamic and ventilated. The main purpose is to protect the head and allow the rider to maintain speed. They are generally relatively rounded types.

Mountain bike helmets generally have a visor design with more edges and corners, which are used to protect the head from being caught in off-road situations on mountainous roads with many trees. There are also full-face helmets, which are generally Used for downhill and other types of competitions

Commuter helmets are more like motorcycle or electric vehicle helmets. They are generally compatible with the functions of road bike and mountain bike helmets and can protect the head from injury in urban environments.

gifts that begin with r

Children’s helmets are relatively small helmets. Helmets specially designed for children’s head shapes generally have the advantages of adult helmets to protect children’s sports.

It seems now that unless it is a more professional cycling competition, the difference between road bike helmets and mountain bike helmets is not very big. They are basically compatible. Helmets for urban travel will be more fashionable.

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