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Gifts That Start with S: Sunglasses


The third part of our gifts that start with the letter s will introduce in detail the information and techniques related to sunglasses. If you also want to know about this type of gifts that start with the letter s, come and take a look!

As we all know, parasols, sunscreen, and sunglasses are commonly known as the “three treasures of sun protection.” However, when it comes to sunglasses, in addition to being a concave-shaped weapon, how to choose a pair of sunglasses that truly suits you is a big question. There are a wide variety of sunglasses on the market. Which one to choose can provide all-round protection for your eyes? You need to compare and refer to it.

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Basic knowledge about sunglasses

Sunglasses are generally divided into polarized sunglasses and non-polarized sunglasses.

Polarized sunglasses: There is a polarizing film in the middle of the lens that can block light in each direction to achieve an anti-glare effect.

Non-polarized sunglasses: The lenses are mainly dyed lenses, which mainly have UV protection and sunshade effects.

When choosing sunglasses, choose polarized sunglasses as much as possible to achieve better visual effects.

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Matching sunglasses to face shape

First of all, let’s get to know the classification of sunglasses, which are generally divided into: square sunglasses, aviator sunglasses, round sunglasses, rectangular sunglasses, and cat-eye sunglasses!

gifts that start with the letter s

Next, let’s get to know the face shape. Everyone’s face shape is different. Let’s introduce the five classic face shapes: oval face, elongated face, square face, goose-shaped face, and round face!

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When choosing sunglasses, generally follow the following principles. Let’s get straight to the conclusion:

Square face, long face: generally choose oval sunglasses to match.

For round faces: or for fatter faces, it is recommended to choose square frames.

Oval face and oval face: generally you can choose, and the range of options is relatively large.

Therefore, before choosing sunglasses, take out a mirror or mobile phone and take a selfie to see your face shape.

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Oval face

The characteristic of an oval face is that the cheekbones are wider than the chin, and the chin is relatively pointed, so girls with this type of face look better. When choosing your own sunglasses, you can choose round glasses or cat-eye sunglasses. In addition, Never choose sunglasses with large frames, as this will make your face appear shorter and rounder, which looks very unsightly!

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Long face

Girls with elongated faces generally have narrow cheeks, and the chin or forehead is relatively long. When choosing sunglasses, you can choose round sunglasses or cool oversize style sunglasses. There is a small disadvantage of weakening the slender face. It is recommended not to try sunglasses that are narrow or rectangular!

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Square face

Girls with square faces have a square-like face, and their face shape is relatively square with obvious facial contours. Therefore, girls of this type can choose rounder sunglasses, such as round sunglasses, cat-eye sunglasses, or oversize sunglasses. Any sunglasses are fine, but be careful not to choose sunglasses that are square or have too narrow frames!

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Oval face

The outline of the oval face is relatively even, almost perfect. It can be said to be a very versatile face shape, so there is nothing to worry about with this face shape. Basically, any style of sunglasses is suitable. As long as you like it, you can try it endlessly, but Be sure to remember not to choose sunglasses decorated with too many patterns, which will make them look more old-fashioned!

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Round face

Round faces are also called baby faces. The contours of the chin and forehead are relatively round. Girls with this type of face look particularly cute. Girls with this type of face are recommended to choose some sunglasses with square frames, like this It can better highlight the three-dimensional contours of the face. Girls with round faces should not try sunglasses with round frames, and there is no need to try sunglasses with too bright colors~

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How dark should sunglass lenses be?

In addition to color, sunglasses also vary in lightness and darkness. According to the transmittance of visible light, lenses can be divided into grades 0 to 4 from shallow to deep.

Different shades correspond to different weather and location conditions:

Level 0 is suitable for indoor and cloudy weather;

Levels 1 to 2 correspond to medium to low brightness sunlight, and some decorative fashion sunglasses fall into this category;

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Most sunglasses belong to Level 3, which is suitable for dealing with strong light at the beach, mountaineering, etc.;

Level 4 lenses are designed to handle extremely strong sunlight in snowy mountains, deserts, and other environments. These lenses are very dark, so they cannot be worn while driving or riding a bicycle.


Precautions for infant sunglasses

Sunglasses worn during exercise need to be specially designed. They have non-slip nose pads for a more secure fit and wraparound frames to block reflected light from the sides.

The color of infant sunglasses can be brown or gray. Gray lenses provide a more natural visual quality, while brown lenses can help filter short-wavelength blue light that is harmful to eye health.

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What are the special types of sunglasses?



Polarized lenses can reduce glare and are used on level roads, water, ice and snow. Can be worn while driving, skiing, water skiing, and cycling. For patients after cataract surgery and the elderly who are sensitive to light, polarized sunglasses can also improve visual comfort for these groups. Please note that when driving, wearing polarized glasses may make it difficult to see digital displays such as LED displays, GPS and mobile phone screens in the car.

Color recommendations: yellow, brown, cyan, which can filter blue light.

Polarized sunglasses cannot be used for flying. For some sports, such as golfing, polarized sunglasses may cause some visual information to be lost, affecting performance.

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Photochromic mirror

Photochromic glasses are usually sensitive to ultraviolet rays, and the color of the lenses becomes darker or lighter as the intensity of light changes. For people who wear glasses themselves, photochromic glasses are more convenient, but they do not change color immediately when changing environments. The discoloration reaction occurs more slowly when it is cold, and car windshields can also interfere with the discoloration of glasses.

Photochromic mirrors cannot completely replace sunglasses. They are not dark enough in strong light environments such as beaches and snow, and cannot bring enough visual comfort.

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