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Gifts That Start with T

Welcome to our second post on gifts that start with t. If you want to know more gift ideas starting with letters, welcome to follow our letter gifts topic!


“One thing is famous only for its tea, and guests are filled with the fragrance of tea.” The teapot is an important part of the tea set. For tea drinkers, it is the cradle of tea soup.

The importance of teapots in the process of making tea should go without saying. However, due to the subtle differences in the handle, lid, bottom and shape of the teapot, there are 200 basic forms of teapots. So, how to choose a good pot?

gifts that start with t



Purple clay pots and porcelain pots. Purple clay is unglazed and is water-absorbent, making it more suitable for partially fermented tea. Porcelain pots are often glazed and have less water-absorbing properties. They can better restore the original flavor of the tea soup and are suitable for most types of tea.



The texture of a teapot mainly depends on the fetal bones and color. It is better if the fetal bones are firm and the color is moist. The closer it is to this texture, the better.

gifts that start with the letter t



The precision of a pot refers to the tightness of the lid and body. The higher the tightness, the better. The test method is to fill the teapot with more than half a pot of water. If there is no leakage, it means that the teapot has a good sealing degree. Only when making tea can the aroma of the tea leaves be condensed and the tea aroma can be maintained.


Out of water

For a good pot, the “mouth” of the pot and the “spout” of the pot where water comes out should be at the same level. It is better to pour water into the pot so that no water drips from the pot. Secondly, the water should flow smoothly, the water flow should be pouring, and it should be poured quickly without rolling or splashing.

gifts that start with the letter t for adults


Center Of Gravity

When filling with water, hold and lift the handle of the pot. If you feel that the center of gravity is moderate and the thickness and curvature of the handle are appropriate and do not hinder your hand, then it is a good pot. On the other hand, it is not good if the pot needs to be held tightly or even if the pot is unstable.


Pot smell

When purchasing a new pot, you should pay attention to the smell of the pot. Some new pots may have a slight tile smell, which is still acceptable, but if they have other miscellaneous smells such as oily or artificial coloring, they are not worth buying.

funny gifts that start with t



Tie, as an essential part of a suit, plays an important role in modifying, embellishment and beautifying the suit. It is no exaggeration to say that the correct choice of tie largely determines the success of your suit style.

When matching with other clothing, the tie always plays a leading role because it is the most eye-catching part of the V-shaped area. Therefore, if you want to give a gift to a man who is close to you, a tie is a good choice.

So, how to choose a suitable tie?

gifts that begin with the letter t


Consider The Fabric

When choosing a tie, you must first consider the fabric:

The best ties should be made of silk or wool. Ties made of polyester are sometimes available. In addition, ties made of cotton, linen, velvet, leather, plastic, pearls, etc. are not suitable to be worn. Silk ties are usually made of mulberry silk. Ties made of Shandong silk, which is very popular now, have obvious irregular nodes. Braided ties are more casual and fashionable.

christmas gifts that start with t


Color of the tie

Secondly, color should be considered:

Blue, grey, brown, black, purple and other solid color ties are ideal choices. In formal situations, never limit yourself to wearing more than three colors of ties. At the same time, try to wear as few light-colored or bright-colored ties as possible.

Generally speaking,

Warm-colored ties give people a warm and welcoming feeling;

Cool-colored ties can convey a sense of solemnity and calmness;

gifts beginning with t

A bright tie looks lively and energetic;

The dark tie looks serious;

Black ties must be worn in condolences, condolences to the family of the deceased, or funerals.

A bright-colored tie can perfectly complement a black, gray, and blue business suit; a tie with a little bright color is full of energy; the material of a traditional striped tie is very important, with a natural luster, not the luster of imitation silk.

gifts beginning with t


Pattern Of The Tie

The next step is to choose the pattern of the tie:

Ties suitable for formal occasions are mainly single-color ties without patterns or ties with stripes, dots, squares and other regular geometric shapes as the main pattern.

Diagonal striped ties give people the impression of integrity, authority, stability and rationality, and are suitable for use in negotiations, sales, speeches, meetings, and hosting meetings.

gifts starting with the letter t

Checkered and dotted ties give people a regular and step-by-step impression, and are suitable for use on first dates or when meeting bosses and elders.

Ties with irregular patterns, such as abstract paintings, geometric figures, amoebas, flowers and birds, etc., give people a creative, personalized, energetic and popular feeling. This type of tie is best used at informal cocktail parties, guest parties, after-get off work dates, or dinners with friends.


Choose The Tie Style

Finally, choose the tie style:

Tie styles are often influenced by fashion.

Ties are divided into arrow heads and flat heads.

A tie with an arrow at the bottom looks more traditional and formal;

A tie with a flat head at the lower end looks more fashionable and casual.

gifts that start with a t

In addition to trying to keep pace with fashion, according to general rules, the width of the tie is best in direct proportion to the person’s bust and the collar of the suit jacket.

If it’s more professional, you will definitely also pay attention to whether the fabric is silk jacquard or printed (the craft standard often used by Hermès ties), and whether it uses a 3-layer or 7-layer folding process, which makes the tie more elegant.

gifts that begin with t

The above are the basic tie selection rules. In the future, whether it is a gift or personal use, you can easily choose a high-quality tie. Welcome everyone to continue to pay attention to our gifts that start with t series!

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