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Gifts That Start with M (Part.3)

Mixing Bowl Set

Mixing bowls of different sizes are very common in cooking and baking and are an essential kitchen tool. Our mixing bowls are used when making sauce, beating egg whites, and making dough.

Moreover, we often use mixing bowls of different sizes, or need multiple mixing bowls because there is no time to clean them, especially during emergency baking processes. At this time we need a complete Mixing Bowl Set that can meet your various needs!

Giving this gift requires you to know your friend or relative’s kitchen situation well. It’s time to test how much you care about them!

If the other one is not someone who has important needs for appearance, then a stainless steel Mixing Bowl Set would be enough.

gifts that start with the letter m


Magnetic Poetry Board

A Magnetic Poetry Board is a creative tool that allows users to compose poetry or messages by arranging individual word magnets on a magnetic surface. The concept originated from the founder of Magnetic Poetry, Dave Kapell, who used this method to overcome writer’s block while composing song lyrics.

Magnetic Poetry Boards are available in various sizes, such as 6×8 inches, 11×13 inches, and larger, catering to different preferences and needs.

Additionally, there are specialized kits, such as “The Poet Kit,” which includes a set of over 300 words specifically selected for creating lush and evocative lines of poetry.

gifts that start with the letter m


Magnetic Refrigerator Organizer

Pull-out is indeed a very recommended storage method in storage. Of course, in addition to inside the refrigerator, there is also pull-out storage outside the refrigerator-magnetic refrigerator pull-out basket.

If there is a big gap between the refrigerator, stove, and wall cabinet at home, and the sides are difficult to access, then this pull-out storage method is highly recommended. It can make effective use of space and has the same effect as the stroller storage rack.

Of course, if there are no sides and it does not affect access to items, the more beautiful and easy-to-use method is to use the refrigerator shelves directly.

gifts that start with an m

It will be more convenient to hang paper towels, small dishcloths, kitchen gadgets, etc. Be sure to understand, in terms of convenience: hanging > drawer > storage box > stacking.

Of course, if you arrange it a little bit, this refrigerator shelf can be completely decorative. As you can see in the picture above, the owner used the refrigerator shelf as a pure display shelf in the dining room.


Moccasin Slippers

Moccasins are low-heeled shoes made of the same leather on the sides and soles. The U-shaped upper above the toes is sewn with the “moccasin stitch”. It is said that the shoes worn by early Native Americans were the prototype of moccasin shoes, and they were mostly worn by boys, but today they have become one of women’s fashion items.

Shoes are a very close-fitting clothing accessory. If you choose an inappropriate style, it will be difficult to wear them for a long time. Therefore, how to choose correctly is very important.

Moccasins are basically versatile, whether they are pants, skirts, or dresses, there are almost no restrictions on how they can be worn. If this is your first time trying to buy, it is recommended to start with brown. This type of color is very suitable for matching with brightly colored clothing, making the overall tone more coordinated.

gifts that start with m

In addition, you might as well choose white, orange, or bright pink for the second pair. Even when paired with gorgeous and unobtrusive patterns or colors such as leopard print, you can still use the contrast of colors to create a fashionable taste. This is Mo The charm of Cassin shoes.


Mood Ring

As early as the 1970s, “mood rings”, a somewhat mysterious trinket, appeared on the market, and many stores still sell such trinkets. This kind of ring will change color when worn on the hand, and the color-changing process is quite gorgeous.

Although they have always been called “mood rings,” these rings can actually only reflect one thing: the temperature of the surrounding environment. The key to the color change of the “mood ring” is the thermochromic material encapsulated in a transparent shell. To be precise, it is a thermochromic liquid crystal material.

funny gifts that start with m

Liquid crystal is a state between solid and liquid. In this state, although the molecules in the liquid crystal material are not as neatly arranged as solid crystals, they are more orderly than ordinary liquids. For example, molecules may be arranged in layers with a certain direction.

The “mood ring” uses cholesterol-type liquid crystal material, which has the property of changing color with temperature. The molecular structure in liquid crystals is affected by temperature, and the wavelength of light reflected by the material also changes, thus displaying different colors. This process actually has nothing to do with “mood”, but it is very romantic in life. It is a small gift full of love and care, and it is a very novel gift that start with m!

christmas gifts that start with m


Magnetic gadgets

The word magnetic attraction can actually be used as a large category part of our gifts that start with m, because there are many things that are magnetically attracted.

Generally speaking, magnetic objects can break through the height limit and be attached to many convenient places, such as refrigerator magnets. The doors of some homes are made of iron, so door stickers are also acceptable.

There are many commonly used things in our lives that are suitable for magnetic attachment on a certain wall, such as Magnetic Bottle Opener and Magnetic Key Holder. You can even set up a wall with magnets specifically for placing small magnetic objects or for decoration.

A great advantage of magnetic decoration is that the layout can be changed at any time, which is very suitable for those friends who don’t like the small decorations at home to always remain the same.

Nowadays, there are many refrigerator magnets that are very exquisite and suitable for gift giving.

gifts that begin with the letter m


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