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Gifts That Start with S: Scarf


Facing the winter, northerners rely on equipment to survive the winter, while southerners rely on physical strength to survive.

In the weather in the south, although the temperature in winter is not as low as in the north, the humid air and the cold wind that blows from time to time always catch people off guard. If it rains, is cold and humid, the moisture in the air seems to penetrate into the bones. This bone-deep cold makes the number of arthritis patients in the south far exceed that in the north.

gifts that start with s

This situation will only get better in the spring of next year. It doesn’t snow here, but cold waves and frosts often come here. Although they don’t last long, we still have to be fully armed, with a hat on the head, a scarf around the neck, thermal underwear and down jackets inside and outside the body, and gloves on the hands. Everything is available, otherwise you risk getting frostbite. Therefore, how to choose these essential winter equipment has become a required course for everyone!

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So, welcome to our gifts that start with s: scarf chapter!


How to choose a comfortable scarf?

When we choose scarves, we mainly choose based on scarf material, scarf style, and scarf brand. Different materials have different advantages and disadvantages. Choose according to your own needs. If the budget allows, please try to choose big brands. After all, they are items that are in direct contact with our skin. Don’t be cheap and buy something that may cause potential harm. Inferior product with skin risks.

gifts that start with the letter s


Scarf Material

Common scarf materials include cotton, cashmere, wool, blended, Mordai, polyester, acrylic, etc.


Advantages: strong hygroscopicity and high elasticity.

Disadvantages: low thermal insulation performance, not anti-wrinkle, dark colors are easy to fade and shrink

Cashmere, wool

Advantages: Delicate feel and good warmth retention performance. The color is soft and very anti-wrinkle.

Disadvantages: easy to shrink, fluff, and deform.

gifts that start with the letter s


Advantages: smooth, soft, textured, light and beautiful. Wear it as a decorative item in the summer.

Disadvantages: easy to wrinkle and shrink


Scarf  Style

In the increasingly cold autumn and winter, our scarf styles are usually divided into many different styles. These novel and unique styles also show different fashion styles in terms of wearing effects. The solid color scarf belongs to the business simple style, while the plaid scarf looks lively and smart.


Solid color basic model

Basic scarves are always a timeless and versatile item. Almost every street photographer who walks through major fashion shows in winter has a solid-color scarf.

Selection suggestions: Solid color scarves are the most stylish scarves in autumn and winter. They will match well no matter what style they are, as long as they match the color with the overall style.

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Tassel style

The popularity of tassel elements comes from ancient costumes. It is a pendant tassel made of colorful feathers or velvet. It was often used on the hem of the skirt of stage costumes.

Selection suggestions: The tassel scarf with a light and luxurious feel looks very natural and decent on the upper body, highlighting the gentleness and elegance of women in an alternative style. When selecting, the length of the tassels should not be too long. Generally, tassels are decorated on both ends of the scarf. If the tassels are too long, they are beautiful but not practical. They are not very convenient to wear and will increase the sense of cumbersomeness.

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Plaid style

Selection suggestions: Plaid scarves are more individualistic. It is recommended that girls with yellowish or dark complexions choose red and blue plaid scarves, which will make them look better.

As for us fair-skinned girls, relatively speaking, we have a wider range of choices. Basically, you can wear whatever you like.

It is recommended that girls with delicate and delicate facial features are suitable for small plaids, while girls with more three-dimensional and majestic facial features would be better off choosing larger plaids.

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Wool cashmere scarf

Wool scarves with good luster and resilience are the most commonly used ones in winter. They have a smooth and fluffy feel, excellent skin-friendly properties and excellent warmth retention properties. The wide and long style just hugs the neck, making it look like a magazine photoshoot.

If you want a more advanced quality, you can choose a cashmere scarf, which is made of lightweight cashmere and is softer, more comfortable, and more elegant than a wool scarf.

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Cotton knitted scarf

Cotton knitted fabrics can be divided into two types: one is pure cotton material; the other is knitted cotton material. Knitted cotton looks like pure cotton, and cotton fibers have good hygroscopicity. Under normal circumstances, cotton fibers can absorb moisture in the air, making people feel comfortable when wearing it.

But the heat resistance of pure cotton fabric is better. Due to the use of textile technology, knitted cotton has a smooth surface and is less prone to pilling than pure cotton.

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Silk Scarves

Silk has always been a popular material. This material not only highlights the luster of the skin, but also easily brings out the elegant and intellectual flavor. Silk scarves are generally chosen in late autumn.

The material of silk scarf is relatively light, so it cannot be matched with relatively heavy clothing. Compared with other materials, silk scarf pursues a more elegant and refined fashion temperament, and likes to appear in high-end occasions.

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Classic color

In terms of clothing, black, white and gray camel are always the most classic colors, not only for clothes, but also for scarves.

The second classic color is naturally the camel color, which is both foreign and noble. If black is cool, then camel represents warmth. It is very suitable for elegant Japanese magazine style outfits and is a perfect all-match style for autumn and winter.

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Pop color

In addition to the classic color scarves that are very versatile, the youthful and beautiful popular colors are also the shining point for popular girls. This year’s most popular red color is the first to be recommended. In the cold autumn and winter, a fiery red scarf will make you turn heads when you go out.

We all know that most of the clothing in autumn and winter are mainly neutral colors, which seem too dull and old-fashioned. In addition to bright red, sweet Barbie pink is also a popular color that brightens the outfit.

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Welcome to continue to pay attention to our gifts that start with s series~

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