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Gifts That Start with S

What other gifts that start with s? If you still want to know some inspiration for gifts starting with the letter s, come and take a look!

Sewing kit

In life, it is inevitable that buttons will fall off and clothes will be scratched. When encountering such situations, knowing how to use needle and thread can solve them perfectly. However, needles and threads are very small, and throwing them all in a box or basket is always messy and inconvenient to find, so I choose to use a well-designed sewing kit to store them.

I have used a lot of sewing kits, and my own feeling is that things like sewing kits should be small and precise, so that the use experience will be very good. A good sewing kit that can last a lifetime, I think, must at least meet the following points:

gifts that start with an s


  1. Sufficient capacity and easy storage

The sewing kit is used to store needles and threads. It is its job to help us store them in an orderly and clear manner. No one likes to look for needles in a pile of messy threads when sewing clothes.

With sufficient capacity and reasonable partitions, it can not only put down threads of various colors for easy matching, but also put down various sewing tools, which are clear at a glance and easy to use.

gifts that start with s


  1. Have enough sewing tools

Students who have sewing experience know that in addition to needles and threads, if you have tools such as needle threaders, small scissors, and thimbles to sew clothes, you will get twice the result with half the effort. Some common tools are as follows:

Needle threader, a needle threading tool, can easily thread the needle with just one pull;

A tape measure, which is very convenient for measuring waist circumference;

The thimble can prevent the needle tail from slipping and injuring your fingers;

Small scissors, specially used for cutting threads, saving worry;

gifts that start with s


  1. Compact and portable

Sometimes I take my sewing kit with me when I go out. It’s compact and easy to carry. I can just put it in a drawer at home so it doesn’t take up any space.


  1. Durable material

For a durable sewing kit, the material cannot be careless. Common materials on the market mainly include plastic, wood, and polyester.

Plastic is light and transparent, wood is beautiful and durable, and polyester is durable and resistant to falling. From the perspective of ease of use and portability, polyester material will be more suitable; for students who pursue exquisiteness, you can choose high-pressure, light and luxurious wooden sewing boxes; for those who pursue lightweight Students who want quality writing, simplicity and fashion can choose high-quality plastic sewing boxes.

gifts that start with s


  1. Good looking

A good-looking sewing kit will make you feel happier when you see it being mended. Different people have different preferences, so you can choose according to your needs.

Nowadays, there are many sewing kits that are actually material kits, which can be used as DIY sets. You can directly follow the tutorials to make some cute gadgets. I hope everyone can enjoy it whether buying it for themselves or as gifts for others.

gifts that start with an s



I wonder what functions of smart watches you think are the most useful? Look at the time? Record exercise heart rate? Contact emergency contact? Scheduled alarm clock? Or “looking for mobile phone”?

Since the development of smart watches, there are many products on the market, with different brands, different price points and different positioning.

What is the purpose of buying a smart watch? If you are just satisfied with daily exercise, health data monitoring, information reception, heart rate sleep and other functions, smart bracelets are more convenient and practical, and cost-effective.

The real intelligence of smart watches lies in four points: independence, stability, smoothness, and expansion. With the eSIM card, you can also surf the Internet and make calls independently. I think buying a smart watch is more about independence, and it’s fine without taking out your phone. It is much more powerful than the bracelet.

gifts that start with the letter s


Smart watch features

Intelligent functions: independent calls, independent music playback, sending and receiving messages, APP integrated use, payment, etc.

Healthy functions: heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen saturation monitoring, sedentary reminder, stress monitoring, sleep monitoring, etc.

Sports functions: sports mode, swimming posture recognition, independent GPS, waterproof, etc.

gift ideas that start with s


Apple Watch Serises9

Apple’s latest smart watch, Apple Watch S9, is an Apple product and I don’t want to go into too many reasons for recommending it. If you are an Apple user, there is no doubt that Apple Watch S9 is the perfect choice right now. The screen is bigger, the battery life is longer, and the functions are more powerful.

gift ideas that start with s


Garmin Forerunner245

Professional-grade sports smart watch. If you love sports, you are looking for a professional-grade sports smart watch with a very good price/performance ratio. There is no doubt that Garmin Forerunner 245 can meet your expectations.

Using a new generation of heart rate sensor, data monitoring is accurate. The motion data and motion trajectories are very accurate and cannot be compared with ordinary smart watches. Garmin 245 is very good in all aspects of functions and data monitoring. It is an upgraded version of the previous generation Garmin 235, so it is still worth buying.

gifts that start with s for adults



Some friends who have requirements for music sound quality or quality of life may want to buy a pair of professional speakers to improve their quality of life. At the same time, speakers are also a good gift choice. They are easy to get and give away. They are a very good gift that starts with s.

So what should we pay attention to when choosing speakers? Let’s find out together.

gifts beginning with s


Understand some speaker “parameters”

There are many speaker parameters, and I have summarized some parameters that are simple to understand but actually affect the speaker experience.



Volume actually has two meanings. One is the volume of the speaker body. The larger the volume, the harder it is to move and it has higher requirements for space position. For general spaces (up to 10m2), choose “4-5 inch speakers”, as follows You can consider “4-inch speakers” and “Bluetooth speakers”.

The second meaning is the unit size. The larger the speaker unit size, the better the sound field performance will be. Generally, we use the collectively referred to as “4-inch” – “5-inch” speakers.

presents beginning with s



Simply understand, the higher the power, the louder the sound. If you have requirements for the sound size, you can pay attention to this indicator to select. Generally, the power on the market is 30-60w, and the power of around 60 is considered large.


Battery life

I mention battery life here because the batteries of some “Bluetooth speakers” are really not durable. You should pay attention to this if you choose this kind of portable speaker.

presents beginning with s


Vocal tract

Generally speaking, we will be confused about whether to use “2.0 channel” or “2.1 channel”

If you focus on 3a games and audio and video, I would recommend “2.1 channel”. The overall low-frequency shock to you is quite good, and it is cost-effective.

If it is messy and requires a lot of listening to music, then it is recommended to buy a good “2.0 channel” speaker, which is more balanced and more durable.


Determine the scenario you want to use

For example, in some small space scenarios, we only need a compact “Bluetooth speaker”.

If there is a need for smart linkage in the living room & bedroom, a “smart speaker” is suitable.

presents starting with s


Question: Do I need to pay attention to parameters such as “frequency response curve, distortion curve, sound pressure, transient response, impedance, signal-to-noise ratio” when selecting speakers?

Answer: If you simply hope to obtain a satisfying listening experience, then it is most effective and practical to listen to it directly. The parameters can only objectively reflect the quality of the speaker, and are of little significance for consumer-grade speakers.

Therefore, these terms look very professional, but they are not very helpful in purchasing, so you don’t need to pay too much attention to them.


Question: Do I have to buy big-name speakers when choosing speakers? (JBL, Dynaudio, B&O, etc.)

Answer: If you are buying a thousand-yuan speaker, it would be more appropriate to choose Edifier, Swans, etc. In this price range, these two brands are indeed very cost-effective, and the sound is in line with the asking price. On the contrary, the entry-level speakers from international big brands The product pricing and sound effects are a little tricky.

christmas gifts that start with s


Question: Are 2.1 speakers better than 2.0 speakers?

Answer: Definitely not. First of all, we know that the main difference between 2.1 speakers and 2.0 speakers is that 2.1 has an additional independent subwoofer. The purpose of making this subwoofer independent is more to compromise on cost. In some consumer-grade speakers, 2.1 Speakers can better enhance the atmosphere of some videos. In fact, the overall bass produced by good 2.0 speakers is more overall and rich, not just rumbling, which is more suitable for listening to music.


Question: The more speaker generating units (commonly known as speakers), the better?

Answer: No! Don’t blindly pursue multiple sound units!

gifts start with s


Q: The higher the power, the better the sound effect?

Answer: There is no direct impact on power and sound effects! You can simply understand that the higher the power, the louder the speaker will sound~


Our gifts that start with s today introduce three gift ideas in detail! If you want to know more, you are welcome to continue to follow our website!

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